A Bone to Pick

DM Name: Pale

Silarus Level 6
Shiari Level 6
Gram Chandler Level 6

3 Kobolds CR3
Aboleth Slime Trap CR6
4 Stun Traps CR7
1 Drowning Trap of Doom CR7
1 Gelatinous Cube CR6
4 Abberant Choker CR5
1 Marilith (CR not applicable)

Level 6: 2,900 + 100 XP Bonus for a quest completed with good RP, particularly by the Cleric of Matra with regards to outsiders. Also having no petty arguements was a great thing on my first quest back.

As thanks for freeing Eludecia, the characters are each offered the opportunity for Madge to enchant/improve any weapons or armour they have up to a value of 6,000gp or take 6,000gp in coin and assorted gemstones.
1x Level Seven Scroll - Divine Scroll Sunbeam

Quest Summary:
Whilst returning from the righteous task of escorting a noble woman to freedom in order to avoid an arranged marriage Gram was cursed by a passing Manticore. Seeking healing to their companion, the party headed to the only place nearby that was rumoured to offer any kind of healing services, the Hostel of the Sacred Stone.

Whilst at the Hostel, the party met a Dwarf by the name of Madge who along with the tales of the local bard and philanderer 'Harold the Magnificent' introduced them to the legends of Sonnilor Stoneheart. Sonnilor was a stone giant that died long ago, protecting a temple from a powerful Blue Dragon, his sacrifice to pull down the mountainside and trap both himself and the dragon became legend.
From this legend sprang others, tales of a demon moved by Sonnilor's sacrifice that later turned to the side of righteousness and fell in love with an Angel but later disappeared without warning and was never heard from again.

The few relics in the hostel that were Sonnilor's were able to heal Gram, and the next day he was feeling better than ever. The previous night, and again in the morning, the party had been introduced to a kobold menace near the hostel which was driving the innkeeper Madge to despair. Madge had offered to reward them for clearing out the Kobolds, but a stranger in robes had also offered a large sum of gold if they could seek out a Silver Skeleton whilst they were down there.

The Kobolds were making their lair in an old dwarven aqueduct that led to the mountain where Sonnilor laid down his life. It could be gotten to by the local well, and as the adventurers went to the well they saw a few kobolds rush down to hide from them. When they followed down the rope ladder, they sprung a trap as the bottom rungs of the ladder snapped and abberant chokers sprung out of the lake at the bottom of the well to snatch up the tasty fleshy morsels.

After finishing that fight victoriously, Gram noticed evil nearby and the party killed the kobolds they saw earlier. Unbeknownst to them, they disabled a trap which could otherwise have been their 'drowning watery doom'. Continuing onwards, they explored a service tunnel which led to the workers quarters from centuries ago when the aqueduct was build, hidden amongst the old toolcases was a journal by a kobold named Yin Yensine full of abberant ramblings and praise to all manner of weirdness.

Deeper still into the darkness and another tunnel, as they entered through a trap nothing happened as the kobolds to trigger it were dead. However they soon found as they went through the tunnel that there were many more traps between them and their objective. The Silver Skeleton was trapped in a Gelatinous Cube that had been corrupted, and almost killed Silarus with compounding degrees of vile damage which ate away at her very core. Worse still however, was that the skeleton within was alive, regenerating and being dissolved endlessly as a sick torture to the trapped being within.

Having defeated the Ooze, the Silver Skeleton began to regenerate into a Succubus who they later found out was named Eludecia. She pleased for the party to take her to a place of healing, so they returned her to the hostel where they asked for assistance. The person that had offered them all the gold to find the skeleton turned out to be a Marilith in disguise, testing for any weakness in her torture device. Naturally, the Marilith tried to take Eludecia back from the party and would have easily defeated them if Madge and the other patrons of the hostel hadn't helped. It turned out that Madge was once an Angel, and the lover that turned Eludecia to righteousness, he had ripped off his wings to stay and search for her.

tl;dr: The party were treated as heros, and Madge and Eludecia would live happily ever after once retrieving their lost artifacts (and Madge's ripped off wings from the Marilith's minion and summoner, Yin Yensine, the kobold leader still living in the aqueduct.)

Thanks for taking part, any issues find me on IRC.

Xp and REP awarded by Lisa, and welcome back.