A Bottle of Wine and Thou

DM Name: DarkMask


Cecilia: Level 1 Human Wizard
Layla Merle: Level 1 Changeling Wizard
Kalor Surakam: Level 2 Beastfolk Cleric
Rodur Ogrecrusher: Level 3 Dwarf Warblade


1: Dire Maggot, CR 2
2: Hellwarden, CR 4


Cecilia: 500 EXP
Layla Merle: 500 EXP
Kalor Surakam: 500 EXP
Rodur Ogrecrusher: 500 EXP

Cecilia: 625 GP
Layla Merle: 625 GP
Kalor Surakam: 625 GP
Rodur Ogrecrusher: 625 GP

Quest Summary:

A call for adventurers was sent by a strange nobleman, Lord Azarel, to venture to a small farm in the wilds outside of the city and collect a rare wine for him, called the "Deathwine". Cecilia had heard of such a wine before, from the base of a powerful healing potion, it was then tainted and fermented until it was pure, distilled necromancy, as Lord Azaral had said, a sip of such a wine is like kissing the lips of death herself.

The beaten path lay away from the main roads, and before the adventurers could make it to this strange farm, they happened upon what appeared to be the cadaver of a pony, however, it was still moving on its side, its stomach swelling as if to mimic life. Deciding to put the poor beast out of its misery they ventured near, however Rodur was suspect of something more nefarious, as he struck the beast's belly and, indeed, revealed a vile and horrible vermin, a swollen and death-white Dire Maggot had found its way into the pony's belly to make it its meal, and now, disturbed y the adventurers, plan to turn them into the same. Although the vermin seemed to cause issue at first, Layla quickly used her powerful magics to enlarge the powerful Rodur, and with one hammerous strike, felled the Dire Maggot into a pool of its own draining ichor.

Leaving that unpleasantness behind, the party ventured forth until they came across their location, however what they met with was a surprise, this "farm" was nothing of the sort, or at least hadn't been for many years. The clearing only held a single structure, a warn and dilapidated barnhouse, alongside a field of black, gnarled roots and tall brown grass, with but a mere hideous scarecrow as they're only welcomer, perched deep in the field.

Kalor walked first towards the barnhouse when a voice whispered in his ear to leave. Ignoring it, the voice soon angrily pleaded to all four of the adventurers to leave, to which they quickly noticed the scarecrow was speaking to them. They neared it, its body a torn and shredded body of a demon crucified on the pole, until their approach sparked an angry reaction from the demonic abomination, screeching at the top of its lung with such force it crippled Layla and Cecilia soon into the fight. Kalor and Rodur however stood their ground against the vicious Hellwarden, and after exchanging blows and magic, Rodur cleaved the beast in two, besting the foul demon and winning the day.

Within the barren barnhouse they came upon only a single table, chair, and bottle of blood red win, steeped in grime and dust. Although confused as to the evil seemingly protecting this place and the nature of their task from the odd Lord, they claimed the Deathwine, and thus, their rewards, for a successful mission well done.

XP and REP Awarded by Scathien