A Close Shave


  • Victor, Lv.2 Human Warlock
  • Aeron, Lv.3 Human Warblade
  • Rhea, Lv.3 Dwarf Cleric


  • Encounter 1 — EL9
    • Advanced, Young Green Dragon CR9


  • Experience
    • 2,400XP Aeron
    • 2,400XP Rhea
    • 1,920XP Victor -20% gain for endangering a party member
  • Gold 6,750GP Each
  • Other
    • Aeron — takes a shiney copper bracelet as a souvenier.


The party answers the call of Magistrate Gregor of the Avalon Guard. He requests their aid in ridding the neighboring forest of a green dragon that has been terrorizing the villages within it's territory. They had the drop on the beast, managing to show up whilst it was sleeping. However the party was making more than enough noise to wake it up by the time they'd made their way down the tunnel into its cave.

Victor tried his best to act tactically but only succeded in blinding the party giving the dragon ample time to react to their approach. Realizing that the attempt did not work he attempted reaching a diplomatic solution to the problem at hand, however the dragon did not take kindly to the invasion of his territory and decided to make lunch of the party.

Through luck, and the skilled valkerie pair Aeron and Rhea manage to take down the dragon in spite of intereference from the warlock's half baked battle plans.