A Dire Hunt

DM Name: Darkmask


Cecilia: Level 3 Human Wizard
Zander: Level 1 Beastfolk Husky Ranger
Four: Level 1 Changeling Sorcerer
Cyrus: Level 3 Lightlost Human Warlock
Ailynn: Level 2 Human Barbarian


1) Wolf, CR 1
2) Wolf, CR 1
3) Wolf, CR 1
4) Wolf, CR 1
5) Dire Boar, CR 4


Cecilia: 510 EXP
Zander: 510 EXP
Four: 510 EXP
Cyrus: 510 EXP
Ailynn: 510 EXP


Cecilia: 720 Gold, 1 Masterwork Dagger
Zander: 720 Gold, 1 Masterwork Dagger
Four: 720 Gold, 1 Masterwork Dagger
Cyrus: 720 Gold, 1 Masterwork Dagger
Ailynn: 720 Gold, 1 Masterwork Dagger

Quest Summary:

The chef of a rather fancy restaurant in the city of Avalon was in a fret about the visit of a high ranking diplomat, he had known the diplomat would be arriving for weeks and prepared his favorite dish, a lengthy to prepare duck dish, for his arrival. However, only a couple days before the diplomat was to arrive he received word the diplomat instead wanted roasted boar, not duck! Unfortunately for the chef, the city seemed fresh out of boar, and hunters were not available to fetch more, finally in a last act of desperation he relented in hiring an adventuring party to scout and bag a boar for him instead. Expensive, true, but the good publicity he was sure to receive from the diplomat would more than make up for it.

Lucky for the group, tracking seemed an easy skill for Zander, their young and excitable dogfolk, and he soon picked up the trail of a large boar … a very large boar, from the markings it left behind. However, with Zander's nose to the ground, and the other following his keen senses the party was nearly caught by surprise by a small pack of wolves, who attacked, hoping for an easy meal. However loudly the wolves growled, or however intimidating their teeth seemed to be, it proved not as effective as the spellcasters, as two flurries of Color Spray sent the pack down and out, allowing the party to continue.

After another hour of tracking, they came upon the boar, and to their shock, Zander had not tracked a normal boar, this was a Dire Boar, a 2000 pound beast who looked none too pleased at being disturbed. Thus the fight was on, Ailynn braving the most damage from the boar's vicious gore attack, as its tusks cut into her body, she would deliver back her own attacks upon it. Working together, with bolts flying, arcane magicks being weaved, and a lucky shot of Glitterdust blinding the beast, they felled it …

After a bit of quick thinking and ingenuity they managed to find a way to drag the enormous carcass back to the city, much to the chef's shock and delight. He had never attempted to prepare such a substantial creature before, and looked excited by the challenge. For their efforts, each party member was given their reward, and were each made "honorary chefs" at the restaurant … not that the title really entitled them to anything, however, they were each given one of the chef's finest knives as a token of his appreciation, each masterly crafted and could easily be used as a dagger would.