A Golden Ring

A Golden Ring

DM Name: Obsidian Dox

Kevarl, Level 1 Izakar Sorceror
Magnus ver Magnusson, Druid, Level 2, Sundered Dwarf
Remhoraz; Foxkin Lv.2, Conjurer2
Saya, Druid, lvl 2, Small feline Beastfolk
Zamiera-Druid-Level 1-Beastfolk Wolf

Encounter 1
4 skeletons (1goblin, 3 normal) Cr 1/3 each

Encounter 2
Golden Avoiding Ring - 2 solutions puzzle

Encounter 3
Bunch o Goblins - 6ish killed CR-special

Kevarl 850xp
Magnus ver Magnusson 850xp
Remhoraz 700xp
Saya 850xp
Zamiera 850xp

1050 gold each.
1 Letter of apology each, from Wizardess Sarcina
Kevarl, Saya, Zamiera, Magnus 1 icy blue gem worth 100g each

Quest Summary:
A brief summary of the quest's events goes here.

A Halfling named Dorf approached the players and requested their help. His golden ring was stolen from his home while he was out. He explained that after seeking a temples help they gave him directions to where his ring was kept they but refused to help him get it. Left to attempt to enter the cave himself he came across a skeletal goblin that drove him away. He explained it may be difficult to retrieve and offered to reward them well for their work. He even offered up a bag to hold the ring in in case it proved difficult to re-acquire.

Delving into the cave the party came across the same goblin Dorf had weakened. With surprise on their side they quickly defeated the undead monstrosity but not before finding out more skeletal horrors lurked there. With fire and no blunt weapons to confront them they burnt them down and slowly chipped them to bits. After healing up all that seemed to lay ahead was the ring.

But as Dorf explained, the ring was difficult to retrieve. It was repulsed by living beings and so when they went to retrieve it it would skitter away with surprising force. While putting the ring in a bag would have been simple with a spell, instead hijinks ensued but Zamiera managed to toss the bag over the ring before Saya pounced on it as a cat should and captured the goodie.

As the party made way with the goods a bright white light surrounded them and they found they were summoned to some distant location in a strange icy land. An elf woman seemed surprised to have gotten the adventurers instead of her normal summoning minions but quickly ordered them to attack a mob of goblins that were causing her problems.

Some of the party took better to being summoned then others, but most took to attacking the foe placed before them. Remhoraz rebelled instead trying to attack the summoner but was not very effective or else by inaction, and Zamiera was unfortunately struck down by semi focused javelin fire. After Four rounds of combat the party made a dent in the goblins, killing five and wounding one so that it dropped and played dead, and then the conjuring spell ended and they returned to the cave in Avalon.

Having had enough of helping Dorf the party stomped back up to him and returned the ring. Dorf was happy to get his 'dream ring' back and followed threw on his end of the deal by paying them a hefty sum of gold. The party stomped off afterwards to get some rest and relaxation.

Three days later all thoes who went on the mission and happened to be summoned are sent Letters of apology by Wizardess Sarcina, along with a gem for compensation for those who took down some of her enemys or died in combat while summoned.