A New Breed of Evil

DM Name: Darkmask


Mythiv Rallistance: Level 5 Human Warlock
Gram Chandler: Level 5 Beastfolk Roguish Paladin
Fei Yen Wong: Level 4 Human Warblade
Lervanus (a.k.a. Spud): Level 4 Orc Barbarian Crusader
Morius Felbrecht Quar'Valsharess: Level 3 Grey Orc Ardent
Zylos: Level 3 Human Fighter


1) Corrupted Broodling, CR 2
2) Corrupted Broodling, CR 2
3) Corrupted Broodling, CR 2
4) Corrupted Kython Juvenile, CR 5
5) Corrupted Kython Juvenile, CR 5
6) Half-Fiend Kython Adult, CR 7


Mythiv: 1250 EXP
Gram: 1250 EXP
Fei Yen: 1367 EXP
Lervanus: 1367 EXP
Morius: 1500 EXP
Zylos: 1500 EXP


Mythiv: 1900 GP, one Magical Item up to Magic Item Limitation value
Gram: 1900 GP, one Magical Item up to Magic Item Limitation value
Fei Yen: 1900 GP, one Magical Item up to Magic Item Limitation value
Lervanus: 1900 GP, one Magical Item up to Magic Item Limitation value
Morius: 1900 GP, one Magical Item up to Magic Item Limitation value
Zylos: 1900 GP, one Magical Item up to Magic Item Limitation value

Quest Summary:

The City Guard was having a fit, it seems after the party's last excursion into the breeding grounds of the Kython, the aberrations took offense to having their young slaughtered and their species abducted, and started massacring innocent travelers on the road just outside of Avalon. Although the City Guard wanted to step in, the Scholar and his "Benefactor" insisted they be allowed to send the members of the previous expedition, and a few others willing to fight, to hopefully appease (at least delay) the Kython from direct retaliation with the city. By sending the City Guards, the scholar feared the Kythons would start an all our war with Avalon, granted sending a small party wasn't that much of a better idea, but at least it would by the scholar some time in his research for a resolution.

Only Fei Yen and Zylos were able to be called upon again, the remaining expedition and abduction members unreachable for whatever reason, so provided with a party of four additional new members, the group set off to the rendezvous the Kython slaughterers, to put an end to their killing, for the moment, at least. As they neared they came across a horrendous sight, even the Orc of the group, having seen bloody raids before, was not prepared for the bloodshed. It appears the Kython were corrupted and vile, they had no desire to raid or take hostages, the caravan was destroyed and every person dead and in the processed of being eaten and mutilated, with no remorse whatsoever.

Realizing the importance of their task, the party advanced on the Corrupted Kythons, taking the aberrations full on, weapons ready and arcane and psionic powers prepared for the worst. What they had not realized, however, is these Kythons were more dangerous and depraved than the brethren Fei Yen and Zylos were used to, not only did they have stronger defenses and vicious attacks, but their damage seemed to have an underlying darkness, a filth of evil that wouldn't mend even with their plethora of healing spells available. They fought long and hard, struggling once or twice, but in the end they came out victorious, leaving the horrible abominations to rot.

After they were slain, however, the party discovered a trail of blood leading into the woods, an obvious invitation laid out for the group, they could only guess what the penalty would be should they decline. With just a little fear of the unknown, they set off, and soon came upon the one who placed their invitation, with the blood drained of a helpless corpse, the beast was a Kython unlike anything they had seen yet, vile features, horns across his skull and bat-like aberrant wings, they had stumbled upon a Half-Fiend Kython Adult, one who seems to have taken more than most from their demonic upbringing. This would be no easy victory, this time, as the party could only struggle against the demonic forces this beast could conjure, from a burst of darkness, to a miasma of evil energies, to a horrible disease that left the warlock of their group weakened and blinded. Still, despite the odds, they refused to give in, and together they would finally vanquish the foe.

With vile damage set against their skin, the sight of their arcane wielder lost, and all of them tired and weakened, they made it back to the city of Avalon to report of their success. Both the scholar and City Guard were happy they had come through alive, the scholar happy to pay the group their usual reward, and City Guard not only offering blessed healing (especially after the Orc threatened that if they did not, he would leave, get healed, and come back against and smash them), but also a powerful magical item, crafted to the height of what they were capable of handling. Still, after everything is said in done, the Scholar realizes to have made such an assault, the Kythons must have another entrance to their liar nearby to the attack site, and much closer to Avalon than he would have feared …

EXP awarded by Jennibear