A Sewer, a Sword, and Slobber

DM Name:Darkmask


Taletsin: Level 1 Wood Elf Fighter
Layla Merle: Level 3 Changeling Wizard
Silarus: Level 3 Half-Elf Sorcerer/Cloistered Cleric


1) Swarm of Bats, CR 2
2) Shadow Choker, CR 3
3) Spectator, CR 4 (Diplomatic resolution)


Taletsin: 950 EXP
Layla: 950 EXP
Silarus: 950 EXP


Taletsin: 1350 GP, and one item of 500 GP in value, magic or mundane
Layla: 1350 GP, and one item of 500 GP in value, magic or mundane
Silarus: 1350 GP, and one item of 500 GP in value, magic or mundane

Quest Summary:

Lord Faris Cyyyn is a rather well known historian and collector of rare historical weapons and artifacts, procuring himself a small collections of famous, and in some cases, infamous items from throughout the history of Avalon. Recently he had heard of a long lost sewer tunnel found in Avalon that some believed may be link to an old urban legend of a great and terrible Blackguard, a scourge of Paladins, his weapon was so dark and evil, he had to abandon it in the sewers to escape, the same sewer discovered recently. With his connections in the City Guard, he received permission to dispatch a small group of adventurers into the tunnel to see if these rumors had founding, thus a warrior, sorcerer cleric, and wizard were found and sent to the damp, forgotten sewer.

As the group ventured into the sewers, they came across a multitude of challenges that tested them greatly, Taletsin was nearly devoured by a swarm of angry bats, and Layla nearly choked by a vicious Shadow Choker when it snatched her neck, both times, however, Silarus's vast arcane knowledge get the part to victory, even if the second encounter nearly deterred the changeling away.

With those challenges put behind them, they ventured forth, only to discover the treasure behind held by a beholderkin, only one of rather pleasant and lawful nature, named Bglubz't'chk. He admits he has been guarding the weapon of unholy might for nearly 20 years, after the Blackguard had taken refuge in the sewers, he spent time with the evil man and talked him into giving him his destructive ways. In return, the beholderkin would watch over the unholy blightness that was the dark sword to make sure it would not fall into evil hands once more. The party attempted to negotiate the sword away from Bglubz't'chk, to little avail, however, Silarus suggested that the Lord may find the beholderkin's company endearing, as it seemed Bglubz't'chk enjoyed history as much as Lord Cyyyn did.

With the use of clever tactics, and an invisibility spell, they brought Bglubz't'chk back and introduced him to Lord Faris Cyyyn … of course the Lord's initial response was to be expected and was less than hospitable, with the party's urging, the Lord and beholderkin started to talk begrudgingly, and discovered they, indeed, had much in common as they spoke of history and philosophy. Bglubz't'chk again stated he could not leave the sword, however a deal was struck, the beholderkin would stay with Lord Cyyyn, and act as a guard for not only the sword of evil, but for all his historical treasures. Now all the Lord had to do was to find out how much it would cost to waterproof his floors from the beholderkin's consistent drooling …

EXP awarded by Jennibear