A Summons from The Summer Court

A Summons from The Summer Court


  • Perada,
  • Gabriel,
  • Cordelia,
  • Galen,


  • Public Scene:
    • Roleplay only Encounter


  • EXP
    • Public Scene No EXP Awarded
  • GOLD
    • Public Scene No Gold Awarded
  • UP
    • Cordelia, Perada, Gabriel, Galen 100 Unawarded Posts - These must be spent on the characters listed
  • Other Rewards
    • Perada - Cryptic Information about her mother, a summons from the Selee Summer Court, information about who Violet Atreya is, and more questions than were answered.
    • Others - A clue as to Violet Atreya's heritage, and perhaps more questions than were actually answered.


This public scene began with Violet Atreya approaching Perada Maer with a sealed letter in hand. When opened Perada learned that she was being summoned by the Selee Summer Court to participate in the Anual Fairy Games, listing her mother's name as her pedigree that would allow her to participate. This of course left Perada many questions, only one of which that Violet was actually able to answer. After some conversation, and being held still so that she couldn't escape to comfort, she came clean about a few things but in the end there were still more questions brought to light than were answered. THE END? Most likely not!