A Supply Line Broken!

A Supply Line Broken!

DM Name: Scathien (GalenDM)


Seren Arc, Human(dragon blooded), 1, Sorcerer
Sam Dray, equitra, level 3, cleric/fighter
Jasper Algernon, ratkin, level 3, scout
Voss, Duergar, 3, Beguiler


Stopping the Caravan (RP setup and springing the trap)
1 Elite Guardsman (CR 3)
3 Veteran Fighters (CR 1 Each)


600 xp for all characters (450 for combat + 150 for Stopping the Caravan)


613 gp for all participants

Quest Summary:

Having ventured to Avalon, an old man was seeking a certain few adventurers to help him stop a man known as Daylan from bringing slaves back to his village and reinforcing his numbers. Sadly he was unable to find the same ones he dealt with before so he found a group who would bother to do the work! Seren, Sam, Jasper, and Voss were pointed to an area in the forest and given a map with likely ambush points to strike at the caravan. Arriving at midday, the party was given plenty of time to prepare for the ambush. One tree cut down to block the path, a second prepped to do the same. When it came time to strike, Voss hid the first tree with an illusion. Everyone hid except for Sam, placing himself in a position as a woodcutter going about his buisness when the Caravan crossed into the area.

The horses stumbled over the illusionary empty space, and before the guards could react the second tree came crashing down behind it, trapping them in the kill zone. Before the guards could react the three regular guards were quickly taken out thanks to a swiftly applied color spray, while a sleep spell took out the third guard in the front. A flurry of attacks from Sam and Jasper finished the surprise, and left the leader to fight alone. After getting in a rather nasty hit on Sam, the quick combined efforts of the party put the leader down as quick as his guards fell.

With the leader searched, keys located, and slaves released, they also happen to find a chest with a stash of gold taken from the villages raided by the guards while collecting their slaves. The slaves, once released turn on their former captors. Though Saren attempted to persuade them otherwise, the slaves still killed their captors, and made mention of a man by the name of Daylan. The leader of the slave group let the adventurers have the majority of the gold found on the caravan, and gave them one final warning…

Avoid the man known as Daylan…