A Troublesome Aroma

A few weeks ago, some ranger and a psionic woman (Details unknown) happened upon a strange grove secluded in the southern section of the forests surrounding Avalon. Within this grove was a strange, and very powerfully scented, flower. In spite of the wintery chill, they seemed to be thriving well enough, and it was found that the aroma caused some unusual behavior in those that sampled its scent. This includes those that got a whiff of the people covered in it.

Now, the forests have seemingly become infested with the flowers. Though they are causing no harm to the plants or animals in the area, their unusual hardness, resistance to cutting, and even more bizarre resistances to fire and cold they are causing quite a few problems for the hunters, gatherers, and other people who enjoy the fruits of the flora and fauna. Furthermore, it seems that the aroma has gotten stronger, causing those who get too close or breathe in too deeply to act less wisely than they normally would. Worse yet, it seems the plants are starting to overrun the city, starting from the south.

The four chosen to find the source of the problem decided to joke about the situation, before heading into the woods. Halfway there, though, the nastier effects of the flowers came into play, making 3 of them rather sick. They continued onwards, to the grove and the heart of the problem.

Upon arriving, they witnessed a wood elf and a treant covered in the flowers speaking to one another. The wood elf spied the intruders, and fled immediately. The treat then turned to the group, and after a few heated words, revealed he was the maker. Violence was threatened, and the being responded in kind, with his 3 comrades appearing, with 2 behind the party. The ensuing fight easily toppled the twin treants, but one flew into a rage, and proved a touch nut to crack. Meanwhile the main treant proceeded to bring on lightning bolts. Nox was nearly toppled, as was Silk, while Damien got a wolf to the back. Satin remained relatively unharmed. However, before too much carnage could ensue, the main treant broke off the battle, healed the surviving twin as well as Nox, before disappearing into the trees, leaving the group confused, feeling guilty, and 3 of them kinda sick. Nonetheless, they ended up paid for their service, for the main treant made the flowers invading the city wilt. The ones in the forest, however, remain as they are, albeit not nearly as potent in scent.

For detailing purposes, the flowers look like a combination of lillies and roses, with the size of magnolias. They are colored extremely bright purple, with hints of blue towards the center of the petals.

This was a quest for characters 8-10. Slots were filled by Hopey, Darkmask, Lisa, and Videospirit. Chars are as such:

Nox: Beastfolk, Knight 2 / Fighter 3 / Psychic Warrior 2
Silk: Beastfolk, Monk 3 / Psychic Warrior 6
Satin: Beastfolk, Soulknife 8
Damien: Beastfolk, Rogue 4/ Swashbuckler 3/ Barbarian 1/ Swordsage 1

Enemies were:
Sageleaf, Level 5 Druid Treant
Steeltwig, Level 3 Fighter Treant (deceased)
Ironbark, Level 3 Fighter Treant
Cracked-Timber, Level 4 Barbarian Treant.
(Wolf), Companion wolf (CR 6)

EXP to be Granted:
Satin and Nox, gain 9900
Silk and Damien, gain 7650

Everyone in the party to gain 12800 gold.

Xp and Rep Awarded by Lisa.