The Underdark nation of Ababanissa was founded ages ago by the first servant races of the dragons. However, when these races rebelled, the gods of the dragons sank many of the great cities of Ababanissa into the depths of the earth, and they now rest beneath the Shield Ridge mountain range on Cargango. For a long time these ruined cities remained abandoned, until kobolds and troglodytes found them and moved in. Later on, the sarkreth, an antimagical race of advanced lizardfolk, set their sights on this ancient realm, and began to rebuild the fallen empire, enslaving the kobolds and troglodytes that had lived there to better expand their empire.

Presently, Ababanissa is still mostly composed of ruins. However, the industry and genius of the sarkreth, coupled with their ability to effectively drive their slave races, has restored many parts of this Underdark nation almost to their former glory, albeit without the brightness of magic to make them shine at their brightest as they did when they first were made. There are still a few groups of holdouts among the kobolds, who manage to avoid the attention of the sarkreth, and several ancient nagas and their servants and slaves also live in the still-ruined parts of Ababanissa, violently expelling all outsiders, and often warring with the sarkreth.

Major Races: Kobolds; troglodytes; sarkreth; nagas.

Government: Military Council (sarkreth) or tribal (kobolds and troglodytes).

Nation Alignment: Lawful Evil

Major Cities:
Khalid: The central restored city of the sarkreth, Khalid is a towering Underdark city, with a vast number of buildings intended to house thousands upon thousands of humanoids, with room enough for dragons in the streets. However, the sarkreth do not have the population to fill up even one-tenth of the city, and so most of it is left quiet and forgotten, leaving plenty of space for kobolds and troglodytes to live without drawing attention to themselves from their sarkreth masters. The troglodytes especially use their free time to mount raids on the surface, assaulting Sierra Verde and tribes of the Serewind Plains, requiring constant defense by these people.

Hortexa: A nearby fallen city that has remained so, and if the nagas that live there have anything to say about it, will remain so forever. While these nagas are known to raising the undead, they generally keep to themselves, though they consider anybody who enters the Underdark to be fair game for their dark devices and sinister plots.