Abduction of the Aberrant

DM Name: Darkmask


Zylos: Level 3 Human Fighter
Silarus: Level 2 Half-Elf Sorcerer/Cloistered Cleric
Fei Yen Wong: Level 4 Human Warblade
Rosalyn Aglaie: Level 1(+2 LA) Human Half-Fae Cleric of Tamara
Cyrus: Level 2 Lightlost Human Warlock


1) Kython Broodling, CR1
2) Kython Broodling, CR1
3) Kython Broodling, CR1
4) Kython Broodling, CR1
5) Kython Broodling, CR1
6) Kython Broodling, CR1
7) Kython Broodling, CR1
8) Kython Broodling, CR1
9) Kython Broodling, CR1
10) Kython Broodling, CR1
11) Kython Juvenile, CR3
12) Kython Juvenile, CR3
13) Mouth Launcher Kython Adult, CR6


Zylos: 1500 EXP
Silarus: 1500 EXP
Fei Yen: 1400 EXP
Rosalyn: 1500 EXP
Cyrus: 1500 EXP


Zylos: 2040 GP, Chronocharm of the Horizon Walker and a Swan Boat Feather Token
Silarus: 2040 GP, Chronocharm of the Uncaring Archmage and a Whip Feather Token
Fei Yen: 2040 GP, Chronocharm of the Horizon Walker and a Swan Boat Feather Token
Rosalyn: 2040 GP, Chronocharm of the Horizon Walker and a Whip Feather Token
Cyrus: 2040 GP, Chronocharm of the Horizon Walker and a Whip Feather Token

Quest Summary:

The scholar of lore once again called upon the previous party to assist him in studying the threat these demonic vermin pose, having discovered that this particular evil had a name, the aberrant-born Kythons. Only Silarus and Fei Yen were available to answer the call, so knew adventurers, Cyrus, Rosalyn, and Zylos, were recruited to assist in the new quest. The scholar told of a mysterious benefactor who had taken an interest in his research, and was providing additional funding so that it may continue. What he needed now was a live specimen, more matured that a Broodling he needed a Juvenile, or better yet, an Adult. All the adventurers were asked to do was bring back a Kython of at least Juvenile age to complete their mission, however, bringing back an Adult Kython was preferred, and would bring an additional reward.

For their quest they were provided a fortified jail carriage to take back the abducted aberration alive and well, and so they were off, to the same spot they had ventured before, the breeding ground of the horrible mortal plane-born demons, the Kython. Once there, they smartly used a ladder this time to descend into the darkness of the cavern's maw, hidden still beneath the floor of the barnhouse, only this time they would be welcomed bu hostile Broodlings. A few ran off to find an elder, while others stayed behind to bite and sting, to little avail. When the escaped Broodlings returned, they had a pair of Juveniles in tow, angry and bloodthirsty, and ready to defend their home and hive. Despite their ruthless tactics, the party seemed to have little trouble in dealing with the Juvenile Kythons and the Broodlings that accompanied them, soon felling them, one stabilized as a prize for the scholar.

However, the scholar's request hung heavily in their minds, a Juvenile would do the job, but he wanted an Adult Kython, if possible. With confidence against their foe in the relative ease they had in defeating the young Kythons, they ventured back into the caverns, venturing deeper into them than they ever had before. What they found in the next room was horrifying and sickening, whereas the previous room maybe had a hundred shredded and leftover eggpods from hatchlings, the new room was at least three times as big, and carried ten times as many spent eggs … they quickly realized the very real threat that these Kythons posed on Avalon, and all of the mortal plane if they are allowed to be left unchecked.

A swarm of Broodlings also lingered in this room, but quickly withdrew, fleeing as they saw the adventurers enter. Not wanting to risk an Ambush, Zylos led the party after them, not allowing the hatchlings a chance to leave their sight. Once they entered the next room they came upon what could only be an Adult, as tall s a man but hunched over, four arms and no tail, but its entire body more sleek and fortified, with a half dozen Broodlings to back him up, the battle started. This particular Adult seemed to have some sort of vile, wormlike appendage in its mouth, as it attempted to grapple at Fei Yen and Zylos, whenever that failed, relying on its teeth and multiple claws to slash at them. The Broodlings ganged up on them as well, with one facing down Cyrus, stabbing and biting at him and infecting him with its horrible Kython poisons, the Warlock was soon overcome with weakness and collapsed. Through what could only be teamwork and sheer force of will, the party banded together to eliminate the Broodlings to save their comrade, and just as the Juvenile beforehand, fell the might Adult, stabilizing him to the trip home. The damage was done though, much of the party not without wounds and Cyrus poisoned and weak.

They ventured back, although nursing their wounds they were victorious, much to the pleasure of the scholar of lore, not only did he get his Adult, he got a Juvenile as well, both stable and ready for research. Originally for an Adult his benefactor had provided powerful charms of time manipulation called Chronocharms as a reward, with with the party's extra effort, the scholar as well provided an additional reward, each member of the party would also receive a Feather Token, promising to call on them again if any new information was found, of if any more assistance was needed.

EXP awarded by Jennibear