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Some when faced with the aberrant will resist these monstrosities with every fiber of their being … then there are those who will embrace the dark and bizarre, these feats represent one who delves deeper into the strange and twisted that is the Aberration. Unlike typical feats, aberrant feats manifest as physical and grotesque changes to your character’s features, or as additions to your character’s appearance. These feats twist and reshape your form, and you become alien in appearance, distancing yourself from what you once were.

A character who has selected at least one aberrant feat gains an inhuman, unsettling presence. You take a –1 penalty on Diplomacy, Disguise, Gather Information, Handle Animal, and wild empathy checks for every aberrant feat you possess (–2 with two feats, –3 with three feats, and so on). Some aberrant feats have an additional cumulative effect based on your total number of aberrant feats. This accumulation increases as you gain additional aberrant feats. For example, a character with Aberration Blood who selects Durable Form gains 4 hit points (two for each aberrant feat he possesses). If he later selects Bestial Hide, he gains another 2 hit points (in addition to the normal benefit of Bestial Hide).

Aberration Blood Grants bonus on skill, allows other aberrant feats
Aberration Wild Shape Assume aberration form with wild shape
Bestial Hide Gain +1 natural armor bonus per two aberrant feats
Deepspawn Tentacles grant additional attacks
Durable Form Gain 2 hp per aberrant feat
Inhuman Reach Increase natural reach by 5 feet, take –1 penalty on melee attack rolls
Inhuman Vision Gain darkvision and bonus on Spot checks
Scavenging Gullet +4 bonus against poison, eat anything
Starspawn Wings grant flight, resistance to cold 5
Warped Mind +1 bonus on Will saves per two aberrant feats
Waterspawn Fins grant Swim bonuses, resistance to cold 5