Aberration Blood

Type: Aberrant Feats
Source: Lords of Madness

One of your ancestors was an aberration and has passed the taint of its aberrant physiology down through the generations to you. This taint manifests physically in your appearance in some noticeable way.

Prerequisite: Humanoid
Benefit: You gain a physical feature that grants you a racial bonus on one type of check; once you select the check to which this bonus applies (as well as the corresponding feature) you cannot change it later. The bonus must be chosen from the following list:

Aberrant Feature Benefit
Bulging eyes +2 bonus on Spot checks
Flexible limbs +2 bonus on Grapple checks
Segmented eyes +3 bonus on Search checks
Slimy skin +4 bonus on Escape Artist checks
Sticky fingers +3 bonus on Climb checks
Tail +4 bonus on Balance checks
Webbed hands +4 bonus on Swim checks

Special: You can select this feat more than once. Each time you select this feat, choose a different aberrant feature and gain the bonus associated with it.