Abyssal Heritor Feats

The hordes of the Abyss have mingled with mortal races ever since the two first came into contact. The inevitable results of this mixing can be seen in the faces of half-fiends and, to a lesser extent, tieflings. Over the course of several generations, the fiendish bloodline tends to become diluted until the taint goes completely dormant. In exceptionally rare cases, however, this latent demonic heritage raises its ugly head, causing two otherwise normal mortals to produce a tiefling or even a half-fiend child. Yet such births are not the only way that a dormant Abyssal taint can make its presence known.

In some cases, this lingering influence manifests later in life, often spontaneously when the character undergoes a stressful period, or when he gains skill or power from other sources. At such moments, his latent demonic heritage can come to the fore in shocking ways, transforming him into an Abyssal heritor.

The manifestation of a dormant demonic heritage is modeled by the Abyssal heritor feats. Unlike vile feats , Abyssal heritor feats are not inherently evil. They are, however, inherently chaotic, since a lawful soul would have difficulty accepting the kind of strange and eldritch changes to the body and mind that such feats impose. This chaotic bent eventually affects the alignment of the character taking these feats. A character with only one Abyssal heritor feat can be of any alignment, but he immediately becomes chaotic (if he wasn't already) upon taking a second, unless he possesses the Ordered Chaos feat.

A character with multiple Abyssal heritor feats cannot voluntarily change the chaotic aspect of his alignment, if a magical effect changes his alignment away from chaotic, he loses access to the benefits of his Abyssal heritor feats until his chaotic alignment is restored (unless he has Ordered Chaos feat).

A character can select an Abyssal heritor feat at any time he can select a general feat. Though some of the more powerful Abyssal heritor feats require lesser feats as prerequisites, a character need not have established a demonic heritage before taking the basic ones. As soon as he actually selects an Abyssal heritor feat, however, he can no longer deny the existence of some sinister event in his family's past.

The benefits of many Abyssal heritor feats actually improve as the character takes more of them. Doing so, however, helps to cement the character's chaotic alignment and link with demonkind,

Abyssal heritor feats do not come without penalties. The deformity such a feat inflicts on the mind and body imposes a -2 penalty on checks made with a particular skill designated in the feat description.

Claws Of The Beast (feat) Gain +1 Damage bonus on rolls with natural weapons and unarmed strikes for each Abyssal heritor Feat
Cloak Of The Obyrith You gain DR 1/Lawful, +1 Per additional Abyssal heritor feat.
Demonic Skin Gain +1 bonus to natural armor, +1 additional bonus for every two Abyssal heritor feats.
Eyes Of The Abyss Gain darkvision 60 ft. and bonus of +1 per Abyssal heritor feat on Search and Spot checks.
Heart Of The Nabassu You ignore negative levels/day equal to the number of Abyssal heritor feats you possess.
Keeper Of Forbidden Lore Gain +1 bonus on Knowledge(the planes), Spellcraft, and bardic knowledge checks for each Abyssal heritor feat; Knowledge and Spellcraft are always class skills for you, and you can use them untrained.
Otherworldly Countenance Gain bonus on Perform or Intimidate checks, and fascinate or sicken foes a number of times per day equal to the number of Abyssal heritor feats you possess.
Poison Talons Your unarmed strike becomes poisonous .
Precognitive Visions Gain a number of floating +1 insight bonuses(on saves, AC, attack rolls, or skill checks) equal to half the number of Abyssal heritor feats you posses.
Primordial Scion Weapons you wield are treated chaotic and deal +1d6 damage to Lawful targets per two Abyssal heritor feats.
Vestigial Wings Gain +2 bonus on jump checks for every Abyssal heritor feat; slow falls.