Acid Sharks!

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Rowan, level 1 human celestial sorcerer
Kessie, level 1 human celestial sorcerer
Asta, level 1 beastfolk swordsage
Echo, level 2 human fighter
Dawn Firestarter, level 1 pantheri rogue
Rinji Aleaneldth, level 1 elf wizard
Mordred, level 2 human socerer/cleric

2 acid sharks (CR 6 total, CR 3 each)

386 xp for each

429 gp for each

Quest Summary:
Sabotage! Someone put a pair of acid sharks into a tank of what was supposed to be an acidic cleanser used in the Avalon City sewers. The party was hired to flush out the acid, and the acid sharks. After a terrible battle, in which some of the party nearly died, and there was much danger of being immersed in searing acid, the party finished off the sharks, and pumped out the acid, making the city's sewers safe once more.