Actions In Combat
Standard Action Attack of Opportunity1 Link for Additional Info
Activate magic item, Command2 No Magic Items
Activate magic item, Manipulation3 Yes Magic Items
Apply Oil Yes Magic Items
Drink Potion Yes Magic Items
Activate magic item, Mental2 No Magic Items
Activate magic item, Scroll2 Yes Magic Items
Activate magic item, Spell trigger (ex wand or staff)2 No Magic Items
Aid another in combat4 Maybe Aid Another
Assess Opponent (Sense Motive) No Influence and Interaction
Attack (melee) No Attacks and Damage
Attack (ranged) Yes Attacks and Damage
Attack (unarmed) Yes* Attacks and Damage
Bull Rush5 Yes Bull Rush
Cast spell (1 standard action casting time) Yes Spellcasting
Cast spell (1 standard action) and touch one target Yes Spell Descriptions
Concentrate to maintain active spell No Spellcasting
Demoralize Opponent (intimidate) No Influence and Interaction
Dismiss spell No Spell Descriptions
Draw hidden weapon No Sleight of Hand
Escape from Grapple or pin (escape artist) No Grappling
Feint No Feint
Free another from fascinated condition No Conditions
Light torch with tindertwig Yes N/A
Lower spell resistance No Spell Resistance
Make a dying ally stable (DC 15 Heal check) Yes Injury, Healing, and Death
Move Grapple6 Yes Grappling
Overrun5, 7 Yes Overrun
Ready (triggers standard action) No Ready
Start or complete full-round action8 Maybe N/A
Throw grappling hook (Use Rope) Yes Escape Artist and Use Rope
Total Defense No Fighting Defensively and Total Defense
Turning Check No Turning
Use Spell-like ability9 Yes Special Abilities
Use supernatural ability9 No Special Abilities
Use whip Yes N/A
Move Action Attack of Opportunity1 Link for additional info
Control nonwar mount (DC 20 Ride check) Yes Mounted Combat (Rules)
Crawl 5 feet10 Yes Movement
Direct or redirect active spell No Spellcasting
Draw light weapon while grappling11 No Grappling
Draw weapon12 No N/A
Hide after sniping No Movement
Load hand crossbow, light crossbow, or sling13 Yes N/A
Make active Listen check or Spot check No Senses
Mount or dismount No Mounted Combat (Rules)
Move14 Yes Movement
Note the direction of scent No Senses
Open or close door No N/A
Pick up item Yes N/A
Push or pull heavy object Yes Encumbrance
Ready or loose shield15 No N/A
Retrieve stored item Yes N/A
Sheathe weapon Yes N/A
Spur mount No Mounted Combat (Rules)
Stand from prone Yes Conditions
Switch hands with an item No N/A
Full-Round Action Attack of Opportunity1 Link for additional info
Administer potion to unconscious creature Yes Magic Items
Apply oil to unconscious creature Yes Magic Items
Cast metamagic spell spontaneously16 Yes Spontaneous Casting
Cast touch spell (1 standard action) and touch two to six allies Yes Spell Descriptions
Charge17 No Charge
Control nonwar mount (on failed check) Yes Mounted Combat (Rules)
Coup de grace Yes Helpless Defenders
Escape from net or entangling spell (DC 20 Escape Artist check) Yes N/A
Extinguish flames No Energy
Full attack No Attacks and Damage
Light torch Yes N/A
Load heavy crossbow or repeating crossbow bolt case18 Yes N/A
Lock or unlock weapon in locked gauntlet19 Yes N/A
Open Lock Yes Disable Device and Open Lock
Plug ears with soundproof material No Energy
Prepare oil with fuse20 Yes N/A
Retrieve spell component while grappling21 No Grappling
Run Yes Movement
Search 5 cubic feet Yes Senses
Secure grappling hook (DC 10 Use Rope check) Yes Escape Artist and Use Rope
Trample Yes Natural Attacks
Withdraw17 No Movement
Swift Action Attack of Opportunity1 Link for additional info
Cast quickened spell No Spell Descriptions
Cast spell (1 swift action) No Spell Descriptions
Use quickened spell-like ability No Special Abilities
Immediate Action Attack of Opportunity1 Link for additional info
Cast spell (1 immediate action) No Spell Descriptions
Free Action Attack of Opportunity1 Link for additional info
Cease concentration on spell No Spellcasting
Draw ammunition No N/A
Drop item22 No N/A
Drop prone23 No N/A
Fast mount or dismount (DC 20 Ride check) No N/A
Fight while war mount also attacks (DC 10 Ride check) No Mounted Combat (Rules)
Load repeating crossbow bolt from case18 No N/A
Prepare spell components24 No Spell Descriptions
Release grappled or pinned opponent No Grappling
Speak25 No N/A
Stand from prone (DC 35 Tumble check) Yes Movement
Use extraordinary ability9 No Special Abilities
No Action Attack of Opportunity1 **Link for additional info
5-foot step No Movement
Attack of opportunity26 Maybe Attacks of Opportunity
Cover from mount (DC 15 Ride check) No Mounted Combat (Rules)
Delay No Delay
Duel of wills (intimidate) No Influence and Interaction
Fight defensively27 No Fighting Defensively and Full Defense
Guide mount with knees (DC 5 Ride check)) No Mounted Combat (Rules)
Identify spell being cast (Spellcraft check, DC 15 + Spell level) No Spellcraft
Make Concentration check No Concentration
Make passive Listen check or Spot check No Senses
Stay in saddle (DC 5 Ride check) No Mounted Combat (Rules)
Action type varies Attack of Opportunity1 Link for additional info
Aid another on a check4 Maybe Checks
Disarm28 Yes* Disarm
Grapple28 Yes* Grappling
Sunder weapon28 Yes* Sunder
Sunder object28, 29 Maybe* Sunder
Trip28 Yes* Trip
Use feat30 Maybe N/A
Use skill31 Maybe N/A
  1. This column indicates whether an act provokes attacks of opportunity when it is performed in a threatened square. An asterisk (*) after a Yes or Maybe entry in this column indicates that an action provokes an attack of opportunity only from the target of the action. Even if this column reads No you usually provoke an attack of opportunity if you move out of a threatened square. You usually provoke an attack of opportunity from an opponent when you enter that foe's space.
  2. Activating this sort of magic item takes the same amount of time as casting the spell the item's power duplicates. If the power doesn't duplicate a spell, activating the item is a standard action unless its description says otherwise.
  3. The item's description might dictate another type of action, in which case the description takes precedence.
  4. If you aid someone who is performing an action that would normally provoke attacks of opportunity, then aid another provokes attacks of opportunity.
  5. This special attack provokes attacks of opportunity as normal for the movement involved. The attacker also provokes an attack of opportunity from the defender upon entering the defender’s space.
  6. Provokes attacks of opportunity as normal for movement, not for the required grapple check.
  7. You can attempt an overrun as a standard action taken during your movement. This is an exception to the rule that you can’t take a standard action during movement. If your target moves out of your way, you don’t use a standard action. You can choose another target to overrun if you have enough movement to make it to that target and end your movement in a legal space.
  8. This standard action lets you start a full-round action, which you complete in the following round by using another standard action. If you undertake an act that would normally provoke attacks of opportunity, then this standard action provokes attacks of opportunity. You can’t use this standard action to start or complete a full attack, charge, run, or withdraw.
  9. A special ability takes the indicated action to perform unless the ability’s description says otherwise. A spell-like ability that duplicates a spell with a casting time of less than 1 standard action has the same casting time as the duplicated spell.
  10. A limbless creature, such as a snake, that crawls as its normal movement can crawl at its normal speed.
  11. Requires a successful grapple check.
  12. If you have a base attack bonus of +1 or higher, you can combine this action with moving your speed. Drawing a weapon applies to any weaponlike item, such as a wand, rod, or staff, within easy reach. An item that is stored or out of easy reach must be retrieved as a stored item. If you have the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, you can draw two light or one-handed weapons in the time it normally takes to draw one. Wands are light, and rods are one-handed.
  13. Loading requires two hands.
  14. Moving can include using skills such as Balance, Climb, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, Swim, and Tumble.
  15. If you have a base attack bonus of +1 or higher, you can combine this act with moving your speed. Readying a shield means strapping it to an arm to use it. Loosing a shield means taking it off your arm and dropping it.
  16. Unlike with a normal full-round action, which resolves during the same turn it’s taken, a spell that has a casting time of 1 round resolves just before the beginning of its caster’s next turn.
  17. If you’re unable to take a full round’s worth of actions on your turn, such as during a surprise round, you can charge or withdraw as a standard action. In this case, you can move only up to your speed rather than up to double your speed.
  18. Loading requires two hands. A full-round action is required only to load a new case of bolts onto a repeating crossbow. Loading a bolt from a case already attached to a repeating crossbow is a free action.
  19. While the gauntlet is locked, you can’t use the hand wearing it. You can still cast spells that have somatic components if your other hand is free.
  20. This includes putting a fuse in the oil. Lighting that fuse works like lighting a torch. Oil so lit has only a 50% chance of igniting once thrown but otherwise functions as alchemist’s fire.
  21. Doesn’t require a successful grapple check.
  22. You can drop any carried item, including a shield you’re carrying (not wearing and gaining the shield bonus from), in your space or an adjacent square.
  23. You drop prone in your space.
  24. Unless the component is an extremely large or awkward item. Such an item must be retrieved as a stored item.
  25. You can speak even when it isn’t your turn. Long speeches aren’t free actions.
  26. If you make an attack that would normally provoke attacks of opportunity, then the attack of opportunity provokes attacks of opportunity.
  27. You can fight defensively as part of an attack or full attack.
  28. This attack form substitutes for a melee attack. As such, it can be used once in an attack or charge, or one or more times during a full attack. It can even be used as an attack of opportunity.
  29. If the object is being held, carried, or worn by a creature, yes, but only from that creature. If not, no.
  30. A feat’s description defines the action required and the effect. Using a feat provokes attacks of opportunity if the action involved does, or if the feat’s description indicates that using it provokes attacks of opportunity.
  31. The skill’s description defi nes the action required and the effect. Disable Device, Heal, Open Lock, Search, and Use Rope provoke attacks of opportunity. Skills that involve movement provoke attacks of opportunity as appropriate for the movement involved in using the skill.