Adventuring Company Template

Post a description and basic history of the organization here. Adventuring companies might be run by NPCs who have been doing this for longer

Entry Requirements:
Who is allowed to be a part of this PC-created organization? What is required in order to join the group? Is the group exclusive, or is it open to other members?

How will loot be divided? What information are company members required to share with each other? Do company members help each other outside of missions? These and other benefits should be enumerated here.
The following areas should be given especial attention: economic, gear, services, information, access, and status.

How does the organization face threats? Does is make use of hirelings? Of strongholds?

Are there ranks in the group, and how does one attain higher ranks?

What sorts of missions will the group undertake, and what will they turn down? Are there some that the company will not do, and will expel members for doing on their own?


This is where to list each member of an adventuring company (links to their character page will work fine) followed by each member's rank in the guild. For example:

Member Name Member Position
Tanis Halfelven Combat Leader

NPC Reactions:
What do other people know about and think about your organization?

Lore: (What type of Knowledge is needed)
DC 10:
DC 15:
DC 20:
DC 25:
Decide what others can find out about your adventuring company, and how difficult it is to find out that information. Difficulties should be based on the skills and power levels of the members, and their efforts to actively conceal or spread information.

What sorts of ongoing backstory might an adventuring company have? What character-based quests might draw in others? What sorts of adventures would make the most sense for this adventuring company to seek out most actively and encounter most often?