DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Sihak, level 5 wolfen barbarian
Damien Redd, level 6 racoonfolk rogue/swashbuckler
Silarus, level 4 half-elf cloistered cleric/sorcerer
Rosalyn Aglaie, level 2 half-fey human cleric (ECL 4)
Rodur Ogrecrusher, level 6 dwarven warblade

5 level 1 orc barbarians (CR 1 each, 5 total)
1 level 4 orc barbarian (CR 4)
1 level 4 ogre barbarian (CR 7)
Total CR: 9

1,280 xp for Silarus and Rosalyn
1,200 xp for Sihak
1,080 xp for Damien and Rodur

1,350 gp for each in the form of bright red pearls made from magically shaped unicorn's blood
cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
Ring of protection +1 (2,000 gp)
2 Greataxes +1 "Headcleave" and "Goreplow" (2,320 gp each)
1 +1 orcknife (stats as dagger) (2,302 gp)
Bonus: The party are now considered Feyfriends; +1 to social rolls with good and neutral fey, so long as they do nothing to violate that trust.

Quest Summary:
Old Chief Ragak, an aging orcish warchief of a tribe in the hills many miles to the north of Avalon City, has been feeling his age upon him heavily. Thus, he has gone in search of the best cure for what ails him: alicorn, the horn of a unicorn. The closest unicorn, however, is the Princess of Bright Spring, an important small lake that feeds the forests and farmland north of Avalon City. In the attack on the forest, doing damage to attract the unicorn, the orc chief's pet ogre managed to strike the unicorn with a vile wounding arrow designed to slowly kill unicorns. The party were summoned by a faerie dragon trying to get any help it could, and soon tracked down the unicorn, pulling out the arrow (with a truly epic Heal skill check between Rosalyn and Silarus), but only just as Ragak and his band arrived! While Rosalyn and Silarus took time to save the unicorn's life, the rest of the party mixed it up with the warband, until the unicorn was stabilized and the full party closed in and finished the threat of the warchief for good and all.

XP and REP awarded by Scathien