All My Children

All My Children

DM Name: Ibis (OmniIbis for DM UP)


Name/Class/Level/Favorite Fetish

Lucius Daein/Crusader 3/ Athletic girls
Lilac/Psion/2/ …Bondage?
Westley Faolan/Cleric/1/Elves
Miro Everglade/ Bard 3/ DP

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):

Gray Jester CR 4
Tainted Minion CR 6


Each: 1,000 xp
Small bonus for not killing the children when they could have attacked.


Each: 200 gp, Everlasting Rations

Quest Summary:

The group answered an ad seeking for the eradication of a “fiend”. Said fiend turned out to be a Gray Jester, in control of a Tainted Minion named Yohan. He also was kidnapping children, sucking out their happiness for food. The party ended the evil reign of The Joke-…er…the Jester!

Experience and REP rewarded by Seren