Altar Of Dreams

The Pool of Dreams, The Well of Dreaming Dark, The Nocnitsa's Glade, The Bog of Bad Dreams, or simply The Altar of Dreams. It is said that some pools might become infused with the pure essence of dreams. How is a mystery, it could be through great arcane magic, the power of the fey, or by spontaneous rends in the boundaries of mind and space.

All plants in the area are surrounded by mist, and there is a certain freshness felt by all. Those that sleep in its presence are granted the ability to enter the dreams of others for one night, and may regain this power by doing so again. However-should one leave the site, one may never gain the power from that pool again. It is said that in hidden places, secret orders of mystics gather around such pools to study for decades or even a lifetime unwilling to leave. It is held also that somewhere in The Grim Marshes of The Shatterlands that such a pool might exist-formed from the magic pollution and alchemical refuse of the land. However, this pool in particular is also said to have become fouled by the very substances that formed it or the lingering emotional imprint of the lost cities said to have been devoured by the swamps. It is also said that another tainted pool might exist in The Sorrowmarsh. Both are believed to be in the hands of dark fey or a mighty covey of Hags, or perhaps even guarded by a cult of The Father Styx. It is rumored they drown sacrificial victims in the mystical waters filling them to brim with fright. Their corruption is said to have turned them into something terrible, but that they are not beyond purification if the locations can be liberated.