Antfarm Escapees

Antfarm Escapees
DM Name: Jennibear

Dahlia, Level 5 Human Pally!
Galen, Level 5 Human Monk ^^
Alieena, Level 4 Half-Elf Witch! (Wizard :) )
Shiari, Beastfolk (Pantheri), Level 5 (3 Ranger, 2 Druid)
Cordelia, elf, Level 7, 5 cloistered cleric 2 divine oracle

Encounter 1:
4 Giant ant workers (cr 1 each)
2 Giant ant soldiers (cr2 each)

Encounter 2:
4 Giant ant Workers (cr1 each)
1 Huge giant any queen ( cr4)

Dahlia, Galen and Shiari 880
Cordelia 700
Alieena 960

1620 each

Quest Summary:
Called to the town of Maplebrook after the disapearance of other adventurers on a 'pest control' mission. The party was greeted cooly by the lady mayor of the small maplesugar producing hamlet, telling tales of damaged trees and giant ants. She pointed out hte path and the adventurers followed, finding the 'ants' to be 6 foot high monsters. After bravly facing through the workers and soldiers nearly losing a member ont he fight with the massive queen the party ran into a senile gentleman wizard by the name of Leopold who managed to snatch a few og the eggs and teleport away after accusing hte party of killing his lovly antfarm. The head of the ant queen taken back as proof and the bodies of the former adventurers buried in suitable fashion the party was greeted as heros and loaded down with more sweet treats than one stomach could bear.. and quite a bit of gold as well.