Founded originally by the more organized lion-type catfolk, the kingdom of Anubast skirts the southwestern side of the Sunset Range, and takes up a large chunk of the Firelands, though this veldtland is only partially under anyone's control at any time, and is little regulated by the royalty of Anubast. The lionfolk of Anubast form the major organizational and military force of this loosely-organized nation, ruling with firm but fair tolerance for the many peoples within its borders, upholding the ancient Law of the Kings, as laid down at the founding of Anubast. While ostensibly a male monarchy, the king is chosen by the lionesses of Anubast in a secret election, with older females having more influence, and can be removed from power by these same females should it be deemed necessary. All the former kings of Anubast, when they die, are given to the jackalfolk of Bonesnap for proper internment in the tombs of Necropolis.

Major Races: Beastfolk, humans, dwarves.

Government: Elected Monarchy with tribal relations.

Nation Alignment: Chaotic Good

Major Cities:
Sekhmet: Named after the lioness founder of the city, now turned to demigod status as she is highly revered by lionfolk (Chaotic Neutral alignment; Nobility, Strength, and War domains; considered an aspect of Bast by most), Sekhmet is a powerfully fortified city set on a quiet natural cove overlooking the sea, with jungle-covered mountains to its north and east. Its central structure is the Palace of Kings, a large complex where the king of Anubast and his family and harem live. The entire palace a large diplomatic resort, where guests of all races and nations come to be entertained by the king of Anubast, and to cut deals, for the lions of Sekhmet are some of the most cunning diplomats anywhere. Because of this, the royalty of Sekhmet can afford to be generous, and often entertain normal people, including their own subjects, when they are not dealing with matters of business, making sure to spread their hospitality and wealth across Anubast as much as possible, so that they are not tyrants with their wealth, but fair and kind rulers, as well as just. While only lionfolk can be royalty in Anubast, it is also quite common to find a large number of other races taking up positions of great importance in the court, some of them foreigners of great ability hired on by the royal family. Most of the permanent inhabitants of the Palace of Kings are beastfolk of various sorts, with only a few exceptions. The royal guard of the Palace of Kings are an elite group of highly-trained and very well-equipped rhinoceros beastfolk that are considered almost unstoppable in combat.

Runnerhalt: On the southern part of Anubast lies Runnerhalt, a place populated primarily by the many herbivore-based beastfolk that live in the Firelands. In the vast, hot plains of the Firelands, Runnerhalt is a place of refuge for the many nomadic tribes that live in the Firelands, and pays at least nominal loyalty to the royalty of Sekhmet. In Runnerhalt, girrafe and buffalo-type beastfolk are generally the leaders of the community in Runnerhalt, which is otherwise quite loose and tends to drift in and out like a large bazaar. It is a common practice for the lionfolk of Sekhmet to lead nonlethal hunts on herbivorous beastfolk in their lands, which are carried out as a ceremonial process by both predators and prey, to keep their skills sharp. Runnerhalt is the central gathering point for the prey, as no predator-based beastfolk is allowed to enter that city, while the predators gather in temporary camps. Many nomadic human tribes that roam the Firelands also come to Runnerhalt for refreshment and trade.

Cateye: Gold, green, and blue are the colors of the eyes of most cats, and they are also the colors of what comes most commonly from the mountains around the mining and trade town of Cateye: gold, sapphires, and emeralds. Rubies are also found in sizable quantities, as are large amounts of good quality iron, which is used to produce some of the finest non-dwarfmade steel on Therafim. The people of Cateye have also perfected damask steel blades, making for some of the most exquisite cutting edges to be found anywhere, save among the dwarven smiths of Autumn Land's Granite Mountains, or on Heaven's Tear.