Level: Spell 3
Co mponents: V, S, DF
(and possibly M, F,
and XP)
Ca sting Time: 15
Range: Personal
Target: You
Du ration: Instantaneous
The gestures for casting arc of lightning …
Illus. by F. Vohwinkel
Although there is no visible effect from
this spellcasting, you channel divine power
through your mind, shaping and transforming
this energy into the potential to
cast one arcane spell.
Anyspell allows you to read and
prepare any arcane spell of up to
2nd level. You must have an arcane
magical writing (a scroll or spellbook)
on hand to cast anyspell. During the
spell’s 15-minute casting time, you
can scan the spells available and
choose one to read and prepare.
Once you choose and prepare an
arcane spell, you retain it in your
mind. The prepared spell occupies
your 3rd-level domain spell slot. If
you read the spell from a spellbook,
the book is unharmed, but reading
a spell from a scroll erases the spell
from the scroll.
When you cast the arcane spell, it
works just as though cast by a wizard
of your cleric level except that your
Wisdom score sets the save DC (if
applicable). You must have a Wisdom
of at least 10 + the arcane spell’s level
to prepare and cast it. Your holy
symbol substitutes for any noncostly
material component. If the spell has
a costly material component (one to
which a gold piece value is assigned),
you must provide it. If the spell has
another focus, you must provide the
focus. If the spell has an XP component,
you must pay the experience
point cost.