Hungry right now and don't wish to wait for your main course and side dishes? Then try one of our famous appetizers. Prices for each appetizer vary and are listed with the selections.

Clam Chowder: This is not just any clam chowder that you're likely to find up and down the coast - our clam chowder is practically a work of art. Smooth and creamy, our chowder also offers hearty chunks of tender, flavorful clam to delight your taste buds. 5 cp per cup.

Vegetable Beef Stew: Whether ye mates will admit to it or not, you were once all landlubbers just like the rest of us. Relive those days with our hearty bowl of vegetable beef stew. Chunky bits of vegetable and generous hearty tips of beef swim in a simmering, flavorful stew. Almost a meal in itself, you might want to go easy on this one or you'll likely spoil your cravings for the main course. 8 cp per cup.

Chicken Soup: If your feeling a bit under the weather or you just miss that great soup that your mother used to make, try homestyle chicken soup. 3 cp per cup

Turtle Soup: A favorite amongst sailors who have enjoyed this delightful appetizer on their various voyages. Savor the seven varieties of meat that our gourmet friend the turtle has to offer. 2 sp per cup

Beet Pickled Eggs: Purple to perfection, three well aged pickled eggs served with a generous slab of beet. 1 cp.

Buttered Beets: An Iron Throne favorite! Slow boiled beets smothered in creamy, drawn butter. 3 cp per bowl.

Clam Strips in Wine Sauce: Want a little something fancier for an appetizer? Try our delicious clam strips in a savory garlic and wine sauce. 2 sp per bowl.

Caesar Salad - 5 sp.
Washed and dried romaine lettuce is sprinkled with minced garlic and grated cheese. Add a dash or two of fresh pepper and squirt with lime juice, before adding a salad dressing made of olive oil, lemon juice, minced garlic, Parmesan cheese, milk or cream, and salt and pepper. Tossed to perfection, adding garlic croutons for an exquisite and delicious salad. Optionally served with a fine anchovy paste.

Garden Salad - 5 sp.
This salad is made with green leaf or romaine lettuce, with peeled and sliced carrots, diced tomatoes and avocados, minced scallions, and croutons. A dressing made of sour cream, olive oil, brown mustard, egg yolk, dried dill and crushed garlic, is then added, and tossed into the mix, and can be served with literally served with any meal!

Baby Spinach Salad - 5 sp.
A bowl of baby spinach is mixed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, orange juice, freshly grated ginger, salt and pepper, a teaspoon of vanilla, and a pinch of red pepper flakes and whisked together and tossed with other baby greens to make this tasty salad.

House Salad: Want something a bit fresh and delightful for your appetizer? Try our own special salad. This crisp salad features tender wild greens, crisp red onions, peppers, diced garlic, slices of orange, and is covered in a tangy malt vinegar and oil dressing that has just a hint of lemon. 2 cp per bowl

Side Items
Bowl of In-Season Fruit - 5 sp.
A simple bowl of washed fruit that is currently in-season.

Bowl of Out-Of-Season Fruit - 5 gp.
A simple bowl of washed fruit that is not currently in-season.