Arboreal Raiders

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Silk, level 3 catfolk monk (1/2 rewards)
Kiefer, level 3 equitra barbarian
Voss, level 3 duergar beguiler
Aeryn Sunlight, level 1 human healer
Jasper Algernon, level 3 ratling scout
Octavi, level 3 human druid (1/2 rewards)

4 greenspawn sneaks (CR 2 each, CR 6 total)

450 for each (225 xp for Octavi and Silk)

500 gp for each (250 for Octavi and Silk)
2 Cure Light Wounds potions for each (1 for Octavi and Silk, 50 gp value)

Quest Summary:
As the party was resting during their travels at a small bar run by lizardfolk near a swamp on the northern part of the Shatterlands, famous for its unique mashed mosquito larva alcohol, they were approached by a lizardfolk female who explained that her tribe had been raided by slavers. The party came to investigate and discovered that the village had been attacked by Spawn of Tiamat. Only four greenspawn raiders were there at the ruins where the greenspawn were, while the rest of the raiders were elsewhere, doing more raiding. The ruins were a gold mine that the lizardfolk were being forced to dig up. The party defeated the greenspawn sneaks, and then freed the lizardfolk, and were given a share of the gold as a result, before the lizardfolk packed up as quickly as possible, and migrated to a safer area.

Note: Silk and Octavi had to leave early for sleep, and so receive half rewards.