Arcoss GrayFeather
Arcoss GrayFeather
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Aliases: Stone Feather
Age: 18
Feathers: Grey and Black
Eyes: Bright Green
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 280lbs
Race: Avian Beastfolk
Class: Barbarian 1
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Level: 1
Experience: 0
Hit Points: 15/15
Money: Gold 145
Current Status: Active
Played by TiberiumKnight


Standing well over a standard Human's height, at 7' 2" tall, the Avian was something that stood out rather easily. Striking Green eyes surrounded by dark flesh in slightly sunken sockets spoke volumes about the predatory nature of him. The thick, downward curved beak he had was a dull blak as well with a curved, sharp tip. Slightly thicker than most other beaks of his own Avian kind. The feathers on his head and body were a granite gray, and a few smatterings of black feathers here and there. He was strong, it was painfully obvious. Dressed in simple robes not unlike what a monk might wear, with simple cloth wrappings to keep his lower half decent. His legs were strong, running bird's legs, three long, thick toes, each tipped with a black, curved claw, and a single rear facing claw that did not touch the ground when he stood. The little claw on it was actually specially sharpened, such things showed he was no stranger to combat.