Assassins Assassin

Quest Title: Assassin’s Assassin (Story Line Quest)

DM Name: Tbg

Nyx, Drow, lvl 2 Warlock/Cleric
Jereck, Level 3 Cleric/Wizard
Abby, lvl 4, Psion, Halfling, Chaotic Good
Sentrosi, Level 4, Human, sorcerer.
Tialys, level 5, sorcerer, high elf
Red Bear, 4, Druid, Orc
Xel, level 3, warlock, avariel
Naeyla, 4, Swashuckler/Rogue, Human
Galen, 5, Monk, Human

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Encounter 1
- Cr 2 Javelin trap & CR3 pit trap

Encounter 2
- Two beefed up/trained Wargs (CR4 each)

Encounter 3
- 4 3rd lvl rogues (w/ poison wpns)
- 1 5th lvl rogue

Nyx - 1150
Jereck - 1150
Abby - 1022
Sentrosi - 1022
Tialys - 916
Red Bear - 1022
Xel - 1150
Naeyla - 1022
Galen - 916

1000 gp each

Quest Summary:
The City Watch hired the PCs to look into a possible assassination attempt. The Watch had received an anonymous tip detailing where the would-be assassins were gathered. Overcoming traps, trained wargs and finally the assassins themselves, the party managed to recover some rather disturbing information. According to the papers they found, Lady Daradusk had paid/hired assassins to kill off Lady Blacktree (see Council and Nobles pages for more on them). The party managed to take two prisoners but one was assassinated before he could speak. They also made copies of the information they found. They party turned over the surviving prisoner and copies of the paperwork to the City Watch, intending on meeting with Lady Blacktree later on.

All in all…it was a rather unusual setting…