Asta Brahms
Asta Brahms
Aliases: -none-
Age: 21
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 121
Race: Beastfolk
Class: Swordsage
Alignment: Alignment
Level: 2
Experience: 1,768
Hit Points: 18/18
Gold: 2,689 gp
Current Status: Active
Played by Jake

Asta stands short for most beastfolk, Though he is only half BeastFolk he holds himself to high standards. Black hair is almost always pulled back tightly, he wears armor with markings of the Cho Lin Guard though it is well worn it shows various scars of battle. despite the small physique he is quite strong though most would not believe so seeing as how the proof was hidden by not only clothing but a fine layer of fur.