Astronomy And Astrology

Without becoming quite as complicated as Dragonlance with its tying of the moons to the ebb and flow of magic, there is still a strong need for a description (and perhaps a drawing) of the rest of the solar system in which Therafim is placed. What is the name of the sun? What other planets are there, and are any of them inhabited as well? What constellations are seen from Therafim (again, drawings would be greatly appreciated, and amply rewarded), and what is their significance? How about planets, ala the morning and evening 'star' on Earth - what can be seen from Therafim with the naked eye? What about the northern and southern hemispheres - how do they differ from each other on Therafim in their view of the heavens? Is there an organization or individuals that watch the heavens professionally (astronomy is not a modern-only profession on Earth)?

On the subject of professional stargazers, is there a zodiac on Therafim, and what is its significance? Astrology is an old method of divination, and so detailing its use on Therafim, where it might actually work in many cases, would be most useful.