Atlas Of Endless Paths

Atlas of Endless Paths
This ancient scroll of great size is a perpetual boon to travelers and anyone who might be lost, as well as to thieves. Once per day, this scroll may be unrolled and then commanded to show any desired path towards a destination from the user's current destination. The scroll will then magically draw a map of the user's present location, and then sketch out a reasonably detailed map so that the user can reach the desired location. As the map's size increases, the atlas may be folded out to an almost unlimited size to show all the nuances of the drawn map. The map does not show anything that has the ability to move under its own power, like living beings, constructs, and the undead, but it will show simple items like furniture.

In order to use this map, the user must have at least 5 ranks in Knowledge: Geography, or be a level 5 scout. To all others, it shows the last map that it was commanded to draw, and will not draw another.

Price: 4,752 gp (23,760 without the level/skill requirement); Body Slot: Held; Caster Level: 11; Aura: Medium; Activation: Standard; Weight: 3 lbs. Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Find the Path.