Attack of the Wolves!

DM: Lillith/Dawn/Scylia

First day:
Melanie, Level 1 Half-Elven Swordsage ( did not join second half)540Gold 360xp
Badger, rogue1/scout1, human (No credit for second encounter)540gold 360xp
Raethoriel, level 1 elven Shadowcaster (did not join second half)540gold360xp
Thirteen, Level 2, Binder, Changeling 990Gold 660xp
Silk, Level 1 Monk, (left after one worg…came in after worgs died for boss fight) 450gold 300xp

Second Day:
Raibert 1 Paladin Human Male 450Gold 300xp
Kevarl, Character Level 4, Sorceror 3 Draconic 2 450Gold 280xp
Raydair Level 3, Elf, Rogue1/Cleric2, 450Gold 300xp

Worg CR2
Worg CR2
Second day
Worg CR2
Werewolf CR3

After seeing the Old lady the adventurers set out to try and rescue the poor girl who had been kidnapped by a mysterious man. After the encounter with the worgs the group needed to pull back and rest for a day before setting out again to save the girl if she was still alive. The shrill screams told them that she was and they bravely moved onward. They found the girl but first had to defeat a werewolf who proved to be a bit of a challenge at first but in the end they burned him down. Rescuing the girl they took her back to her grandmother and where rewarded greatly for having saved her before anything could happen.