Avalon City - City of Bridges
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The Wharf District
Trade District
The Palisades

Avalon City, the City of Bridges, is the heart of Therafim. It was founded by merchants and has become the trading capital of Therafim. The city is a melding pot of ethnicity, where anything and everything can be found for a price. The population of the city itself has ranged from 300,000 to 500,000 depending on the times. During the The Great Siege in which the city was attacked by a deity, many people fled and the population dipped below 100,000. When the aegis of the surrounding lands is included, the total population is close to 2 million.

The Slums: The dark seedy part of Avalon City where the black market lies. The poor and destitute live here, their homes ramshackle wood and crude stone. The overcrowding has forced slum lords to build up rather then out, cramming people together tightly. Only the bravest, or as some would say, the stupidest, of the City Guards dare to enter here. Each area of the slums are owned by gangs, internal fighting always taking place for dominance. Ragged sick and malnourished children running about, most often referred to as "street rats", even they will beg, steal and borrow for a scrap of food, it is not uncommon to see blood stains in the street, women openly selling themselves as the men hock their stolen wares at every corner. Within the Slums is the Dead Zone.

The Wharf District: Established first in Avalon City, this is the area in which all water travel is conducted. Boats importing and exporting exotic goods, larger ships carrying travelers, and some even set up for gambling. Large wooden and stone warehouses are found here storing the goods as they wait to be transported to the merchants. This is the source of most employment, be it sailing with the boats, unloading, sorting or delivering, there is nearly always work to be found here those who are not afraid to get into some back breaking work and long hours.

Midtown is home to the lower class housing. Here the houses are made from wood and are in good repair. It is here that one will find the comforting warmth of Arcadia. It is also here that Merchant Lane displays it's wonders for rich and poor alike. The offices of The Chronicle can also be found here, on the border between Midtown, the Trade District, and the Wharves.

Trade District This is where the middle class lives, along with trade shops and the Guilds, such as The Merchant's Guild. The Trade District has it's own market known as Emerald Way. Entrances into the middle ward of Avalon's Undercity connect to this district, primarily for purposes of goods distribution they are usually wide enough to fit two carriages side by side.

The Palisades: This area of the city is for the richest of the rich. It's rich wooden and marble houses are expansive and expensive, showing the posh lifestyle of the nobles who live within. Nearly ever street has a City Guard patrolling it, watching for nefarious sort that would have the audacity to litter their streets. Well dressed women and men walk hand in hand and small children play without fear nearby. It is here that The Library stands, the only public library in Avalon City. Information on some of the noble houses of Avalon City can be found here. Outside The Library rests The Memorial Fountain commemorating The Demon Siege and The Two Days of Darkness.

New City: This area represents the governing system of Avalon City, thus the reason it is completely walled in. It is here that The Council meets to hear cases and pass laws and judgments. It is also here that the City Guards spend most of their time as well as heavily guarded entrances to the Undercity are also within the protected walls of New City, leading directly to Beggars Gate.

The Coliseum: This is the huge area dedicated to the regular games, gladiator matches and tourneys that the city host.

The Avalon Guard and Avalon Watch work hard to keep the city safe within and without.