Avalon City Museum

The Avalon City Museum is a wonder in and of itself!

Adventurers often keep the things they find, but some donate these rare and unique items so that others can share in their beauty.

One of their most changing exhibits is the art gallery. The artisans of Avalon, and Therafim even, proudly display their paintings and sculptures in the Art section of the Museum. This exhibit changes monthly to give everyone a chance to have their work seen. At the end of each month, the artists usually donate or auction their works that stood in the museum. Some bring a heafty sum of money, others not so much, but at least the artist's name is out there and will hopefully be commissioned for other works
(If characters would like to get in on this, please contact Hopey. If you're an artist and would like to be displayed for a month in the museum then auction or donate your work, it's up to you. There's a lot of gold that could be had here!)

The past artists are no longer living, but the Historical Art section displays the works of artists long gone. There are several pantings from one unknown man simply named Edward. He lived several hundred years ago and has made some of the most beautiful landscape paintings any have ever seen before. The sculptor Archamillion has created provactive and thought-inducing sculptures of fanciful creatures such as unicorns, and even the dragons that live on Aur. Rumor has it that he was allowed to live with them for several years and that these sculptures are some of the most accurate.

The Cargando Exhibit shows glass work bested by no other. Natural and man-made glas sculptures adorn this hall. Sand is abundant in Cargando and when lightening strikes, a rare event there, it leaves some of the most gorgeous, natural designs ever. Some of these date back to before time was counted and no two are alike. The man made ones house colors only seen in dreams, it seems. They blend and sword and even seem to move on their own. There is a glass image of a man rumored to be the most gracious king in all of Cargando's history.

Gold emblems and wooden carvings from the mysterious land of Crescent adorn the exhibit hall. This one is most guarded, with all the gold that's in there, it's a theif's wet dream. Past rulers have often been buried with their treasure and grave robbers have deprived them of their loot. These items have passed through many hands, and only a handful of items have been found by the Archeologists that have ventured into Crescent to find these fabled tombs.

The Final exhibit is the Hall of Magic. Simple cantrips animate some of the items here, making miniature battle scenes come to life, telling the history of how some lands were won and lost. Items that are no longer of any magical value but have proved to be invaluable in the past find a home here. There are a few magic tomes and spell books here from great wizards that have passed. These items have spells to lock them from view of anyone not authorized to see inside, and the price to copy a spell from one of these is astronomical. At least five times the normal price.
(If a character would like to copy a spell from these books, please see Hopey about it. She'll get it set up and your pocket book will be a lot lighter afterwards!)