Bakery Of Death

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Sira, level 4 human fighter
Myr, level 2 changeling abyssal sorceress
Raydair, level 1 elf rogue
Saya, level 3 small catfolk druid
Lillith, level 4 human duskblade
Ziyanani, level 3 catfolk psychic rogue

6 psychic, vampiric pastry - Hellkuchen (statted like blue goblins, CR 1 each, CR 5 total)
1 mad abyssal sorcerer, Baker Butterman (CR 3)

Lillith, Sira: 534 xp for each
Myr, Raydair, Saya, Ziyanani: 600 xp for each

625 gp for each
Scroll of Glitterdust (2nd level arcane, 150 gp value)
Scroll of Feather Fall (1st level arcane, 25 gp value)
Wand of Magic Missle (1st level, 750 gp value)
Resist Fire 10 potion (300 gp value)
Bless Weapon oil (150 gp value)
Enlarge Person potion (250 gp value)

Quest Summary:
Butterman's Bakery had suddenly gained incredible popularity, thanks to a new secret ingredient being used by Butterman, a mysterious figure in the world of confectioners and bakers. He'd risen suddenly, and become an instant hit with his recipes, which were positively addictive. But recently he'd been having troubles with his stock, and called in the party to stop his creations, as they'd all animated, and were feasting on the blood of his staff! Battling their way through layer cakes, croissants, cookes, crullers, and worse, the party emerged victorious - though quite messy - only to discover that Butterman had been using the bones of a vampire as an addition to his baking - he was using necromancy to hook his customers, an unforgivable crime among bakers! The party faced the sorcerer in his tall white hat and apron, and defeated him soundly, getting a reward from the Watch as well as dipping into his private magic item stash.