Balam, The Bitter Angel

Once a being of extreme goodness, Balam became a wrathful vestige after taking on an impossible task that ended in failure. She grants her summoners the ability to foresee future difficulties and the intellect to interpret what they see, as well as skill with light arms and a stare that chills flesh.

Legend: Binder scholars claim that Balam is all that remains of the soul of a powerful solar. Exactly how she came to exist in her current state remains a mystery, but sources of planar lore state that several good gods tasked her with eliminating the practice of sacrifi cing sentient beings in the worship of deities. Since such sacrifi ces are part and parcel of evil rituals, the task amounted to wiping out the worship of evil gods altogether—a task well beyond what even the good deities could manage. Needless to say, Balam failed in her assignment, and some believe that her foes actually sacrificed her in praise of a dark god.

Special Requirement: Balam requires a sacrifi ce of hersummoner. In the process of calling her, you must deal 1 point of slashing damage to yourself or another sentient creature (one with Int 3 or higher) and place a drop of blood from the wound within Balam’s completed seal.

Manifestation: Balam is a horror to behold. Her body is that of a great purple serpent, and her head consists of the top halves of three horned humanoid heads arranged evenly around a shared gaping maw. This mouth is a tooth-studded chute that extends deep into her body, and her six horns point forward around it. Balam speaks in a grinding moan, exhaling hot, stinking breath with each word. The fangs in her chute-mouth move in waves with the shuddering of her throat, and the eyes of her three heads glow blue when she becomes excited or angry.

Sign: Your voice gains a peculiar quality, becoming both hollow and guttural.

Influence: Balam’s influence causes you to distrust clerics, paladins, and other devotees of deities. Whenever you enter a temple or some other holy or unholy site, Balam requires that you spit on the floor and utter an invective about the place.

Granted Abilities: Balam grants you the power to predict future events. She also teaches cunning and fi nesse, and gives you the ability to freeze foes with a glance.

Balam’s Cunning: You can reroll one attack, saving throw, or skill check you have just made. You must accept the result of the reroll, even if it is worse than the original. Once you have used this ability, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds.

Icy Glare: You gain a gaze attack that deals 2d6 points of cold damage to the target. A successful Will save negates this damage.

Prescience: You get a glimpse of the future a moment before it happens. This knowledge manifests as an insight bonus equal to +1 per four effective binder levels on initiative checks, Reflex saves, and AC.

Weapon Finesse: You gain the benefit of the Weapon Finesse feat.