Band Of Bodyguards

Most people in Avalon aren't able to afford bodyguards for personal protection. Those that can might only hire them for a few hours while they attend a party or they travel. Those that can afford bodyguards around the clock often employ their own rather than hiring from an agency. Those are the people we are not talking about right now.

The Band of Bodyguards offers all kinds of personal protection services. They will escort children to and from school or the market. They will housesit (though they call it property protection, it's more official) and they will keep a person safe from threat of assassination. They are also for hire for round the clock protection, though this can get pricey quickly.

Escort service - Up to one hour a day total. This costs 1 gold piece and offers one guard for one person. This can be a trip to the market, short trips to school and to pick the child up from school. It could be a party, even.

Property Protection - This runs 5 gold a week but if you're only gone for 3 days, it's still 5 gold. They will stay in the home and keep it and the things inside safe from intruders. They will patrol once an hour to make sure there is no suspicious individuals around. This is a 32 hour a day service, well worth the gold if you can afford it!

Personal Bodyguard - While it can be cheaper to hire someone on your own, how do you know they will be reliable and not the person trying to kill you? You don't unless you use our services. We only have reputable, capable people working to protect the citizens of Avalon, for a price. This service is 7 gold per day. These people put their lives on the line to protect your's and if you're important enough to attract negative attention like that, then you're rich enough to afford the protection of your life. There is a weekly rate of 20 gold. This is a much better rate so if you need protection for three days or more, it's best to go ahead and pay weekly.

Any other service that is required or wanted can be negotiated. It could range from a few silver to hundreds of gold and we are always open for suggestions. Don't hesitate to contact us! We have guards for all occasions and we are always looking to hire more!