Bandit Wars

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Sentrosi, level 9 celestial sorcerer
Darrion, level 9 baagh ranger
Lily, level 5 beastfolk monk
Roka, level 5 foxkin ranger
Crank, level 8 warforged monk

4 elite guards, 1 wizard and 3 fighters (CR 3 each, CR 9 total)
3 bandit leaders, Flask (fighter 8), Mogrilla (monk 8) and Greyblade (drow hexblade 6) (CR 8x2 and CR 7)

Darrion and Sentrosi: 1,350 xp for each
Crank: 2,000 xp
Lily and Roka: 3,600 xp for each

2,780 gp for each
+1 weapon or armor of the player's choice. PM Gideon Kalve Jarvis for a writeup of the weapon or armor, detailing its history and other backstory, if desired.

Quest Summary:
As Lily's special home in the woods (as close to home as she has) had been invaded some time past by a host of bandits, she had gone to McDonnel, leader of the Avalon City Pack, for help. This one-eyed wolfen had recruited several others, including the party, to help drive the bandits away before they despoiled the most important places of Lily's hideaway. The party attacked the bandit camp from the rear, while the Pack (with McDonnel and Jenner in the group) assaulted the front, drawing out most of the bandits. The party, meanwhile, did battle with the leaders of the group, and eventually slew them, one by one. As the rest of the bandits fled with the loss of their leaders, the Pack in hot pursuit, the party caught their breaths, and were rewarded by McDonnel for their heroism.