Queen of the Cats

Symbol: A golden cat’s eye
Home Plane: Beastlands
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Felines, pleasure, motherhood, defense of the home
Worshipers: Catfolk, weretigers, intelligent felines, women, local militia
Cleric Alignments: CN, N (Weretigers), CG, NG
Domains: Chaos, Good, Animal, Charm, Luck, Sloth
Favored Weapon: Bagh-nakh (tiger’s claws, same statistics as kukri)

Bast is the first and greatest of the catfolk, and is filled with all the lore and wisdom and mystery of the feline race. She sometimes takes the form of a great, radiant tigress with golden fur and fire for stripes, and at other times Bast will take the form of a tall, stunningly beautiful catfolk woman with gleaming golden eyes that seem to pierce into the soul.

The worship of Bast is to believe that pleasure is the highest goal of an individual or a community. Strong protection and the preservation of homes are seen as essential to maintaining safe individuals and communities, which in turn leads to the greatest possible pleasure for the greatest number of people. Motherhood is regarded as especially sacred to Bast and her worshipers, as are females in general, and children of both sexes, are a great blessing to be cherished and reared in love.

The highest-ranking of Bast’s clerics are females, and of those, the ones who have had the most children by the time they pass their fertile years are regarded with the greatest reverence. There are males who serve bast, but they never attain any significant rank, usually serving in the role of temple guardians and protectors of the other clergy. On formal occasions the clergy of Bast wear white linen skirts and golden headdresses most resembling those of great pharaohs, with broad gem-studded necklaces. Bast’s temples are surrounded and sometimes a part of carefully cultivated gardens that are at once a mixture of controlled growth and wild splendor. The temples themselves have numerous hiding places for secret meetings, and are often palaces of many earthly delights for the enjoyment of the faithful.