Beach Bash

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Raydair, level 5 rogue/cleric (partial rewards due to early dropout)
Voss, level 3 duergar beguiler
Kevarl Flameborn, level 4 izakar draconic sorcerer, ECL 5
Jasper Algernon, level 3 ratkin scout
Roka, level 6 foxkin ranger/deepwood sniper
Lily, level 5 red wolf monk

3 Sahuagin (CR 5 total)
2 Sahuagin (CR 2 each, CR 4 total)
4 Sahuagin (CR 6 total)
1 5-headed Hydra (CR 4)

Raydair: 575 xp
Roka: 960 xp
Kevarl and Lily: 1,150 xp for each
Jasper and Voss: 1,440 xp for each

1,800 gp for each (800 gp for Raydair - no special treasures)
Choice of the following (each party member may pick any one of these):
Wand of Invisibility (31 charges, 4,500 gp)
Circlet of Persuasion (+3 to Charisma-based checks, 4,500 gp)
Ring of Vengeance (3/day causes 5d6 damage to attackers, 4,500 gp)
Belt of Hidden Pouches (has 30 pockets that functions like small bags of holding, 5,000 gp)
A tame pet iridescent purple-and-blue peccary for Lily (gift from Cristobal to her).
Allowed to stay at San Carla for up to two weeks at a time, free of charge - an upper-class, luxury beach resort.

Quest Summary:
The party were hired by Cristobal Maroca, the owner of the resort island of San Carla, to save the island from an invasion by sahuagin, who had decided to settle on the beach and its nearby lagoon, taking up half of the island as their turf. The party had to battle through several teams of sahuagin, before discovering that they were being driven from the sea by a sentient hydra with five heads, which the party had to defeat in deadly single combat. With their new god and fearsome overlord dead, the other sahuagin in the tribe retreated back to the waters.