DM Name: Obsidian Dox

Tialys, level 2 Sorcerer, Cute High Elf.
Eloralei, Level 2 Beastfolk Hexblade
Lillith, level 1, Duskblade, Human
Gauron, Level 2 Beastfolk Fighter
Galen, Level 2, Human Monk
Ziyanani, level 2, Beastfolk (feline) psychic rogue

Human wizard3 (dave) Cr3 Temporarily avoided

150xp each

225g each

Quest Summary:

The party stumbled across a blond elf girl named Amber sobbing along a street bench. Previously she knew a nice human named Dave who was very nice by offering fruit to her and such. Unfortunately he took a dark turn and started hanging out with the wrong people and now is sending her letter threats claiming he is going to enslave her.

The party consoled the girl, and convinced her they would help her. Then they talked about their options and snooped around a bit before they decided to get her a room at Arcadia and make a plan. The party might make a plan to attempt to stop Dave in the future, but for tonight at least, it seems Amber may be safe.