DM Name: Obsidian Dox

Nyx, 2, Drow, warlock/Cleric
Gauron, Level 3 Wolfen Fighter
Lily, Level 2 beastfolk Monk
Shelindria,Level 1 Half Drow Shadowcaster
Red Bear, 3, Orc, Druid

Human spell-caster lvl3 (dave) Cr3 Captured
-Giant wasp (weakened summon)
Elemental vermin x3 Cr 1/3 each

360xp each

400g or 1 Amber amulet of Vermin (Giant Bee), players choice (if its in their wealth range) (Mic, page 68)

Quest Summary:

Sari noticed the blond elf girl, Amber, Had wandered out of her room in a sort of daze to get some fresh air. When she never came back she requested some of the patrons in the bar try to find and help her to make sure she is safe.

The party went to Ambers house and found out that someone had taken her home early this morning. they went inside, and discovered sounds upstairs and strange flaming lizards in the fireplace. With out disturbing the flaming lizards, they made their way upstairs, and encountered a giant wasp that was summoned into a small area.

With the wasp blocking their path some party members climbed the walls outside the building to the second floor, while others circled around, behind the house. They chased Dave off the balcony and into the back yard where they tried to subdue him and eventually captured him with entangling spells. Stripped naked, tied up, and knocked unconscious they turned Dave over to the city guards for his unwanted advances on amber.

After Amber had come back into her right frame of mind she offered them Dave's belongings to pay for their troubles.

Interestingly enough, a question still goes unsolved. The party noticed that Dave's scent was not the one on the letter that Amber had received before. Perhaps this goes deeper then they previously thought?