A Dwarven Pimp Named Big Time

A Dwarven Pimp Named Big Time can often be seen frequenting the more upscale clubs of the Undercity. He's notably quite particular on how he's addressed. When you say his name- make sure you say the whole thing if you expect to get anywhere, and if you know whats good for you too. While ladies may call him "Daddy-T" and close friends "Rollin' Thunder" for anyone else to call him anything less than "A Dwarven Pimp Named Big Time", even to shorten it to just "Big Time" within ear shot is a slight. Not just near him either, as one can never be too sure who's listening, and he has many friends in high places-including Syndicate connections.

In his own words " A Dwarven Pimp Named Big Time's a real man o' class who delivers real high quality call girls to discriminatin' clientele discretely LIKE. NO. BODY'S. BUSINESS." No one is absolutely sure of his origins, but rumor holds that his real name is "Barbek Th‘rdin". It’s said that he settled into his current profession after a long career as an extraplanar thief, and that he may hold connections to centers of extraplanar commerce like Sigil and Union through old contacts or adventuring clients.

Naturally he's a "player" with a woman in every port(al). However, it's held that his main squeeze is "A Hafling Whore Named Hot-Ice Harriet", who worked her way up to the rank of 'madam' over a brothel.

Male Dwarf Wiz14: CR 14;
Medium Humanoid (Dwarf);
HD 14d4+42(Wizard) ;
hp 83;
Init +2;
Spd 20;
AC:28 (Flatfooted:26 Touch:15);
Atk +6/1 base melee,
+9/4 base ranged;
SQ: +1 Attack vs. Orcs and Goblinoids, +2 Appraise (Stone and Metal Items), +2 Craft (Stone and Metal Items), +2 Saves vs. Poison, +2 Saves vs. Spells and Spell-like Effects, +4 Dodge Bonus to AC vs. Giants, Darkvision (Ex): 60 ft., Stability (Ex), Stonecunning (Ex), Weapon Familiarity (Ex);
SV Fort +7, Ref +6, Will +9;
STR 8, DEX 14, CON 17, INT 19, WIS 10, CHA 10.
Skills: Concentration +18, Decipher Script +5, Diplomacy +15, Knowledge (Arcana, Dungeoneering, Planes, Local ) +17, Profession (Pimp; Drug Dealer) +10, Spellcraft +20

Feats: Craft Wand, Extend Spell, Maximize Spell, Scribe Scroll, Skill Focus: Spellcraft, Spell Focus: Divination, Spell Focus: Evocation, Still Spell.

Spells Known (Wiz 4/5/5/5/5/3/3/2):
( [Erotic Spells])

0 — Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, [Delay Orgasm], Flare, Ghost Sound, [Know Sexual Prefernce], Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Resistance, Touch of Fatigue;

1st — [Contraception], Comprehend Languages, Detect Secret Doors, Disguise Self, Enlarge Person, Grease, Identify, Mage Armor, Magic Weapon, Obscuring Mist, Ray of Enfeeblement, Reduce Person,[Restore Potency], Shield, Silent Image, Sleep,

2nd — Blur, Glitterdust, Invisibility, [Pornographic Glamer], [Promiscuity], [Remove/Repair Virginity], Scorching Ray, See Invisibility, Shatter, Touch of Idiocy, Web;

3rd — Blink, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, [Playmate], Deep Slumber, Dispel Magic, Fireball, Fly, Gaseous Form, Hold Person, Major Image, Nondetection, Ray of Exhaustion, Water Breathing;

4th — Dimension Door, Enervation, Evard`s Black Tentacles, Fear, Polymorph, Scry, Summon Monster IV, Wall of Ice;

5th — Cloudkill, Cone of Cold, Dismissal, Magic Jar, Permanency, Planar Binding, Lesser, Summon Monster V, Wall of Force;

6th — Antimagic Field, Bull`s Strength, Mass, Contingency, Disintegrate, Dispel Magic, Greater, Planar Binding, Summon Monster VI, True Seeing;

7th — Ethereal Jaunt, Finger of Death, Forcecage, Greater Teleport Reverse Gravity, Summon Monster VII, Plane Shift.

Typical Spells Prepared/Used (Varies) (Wiz 4/5/5/5/5/3/3/2):
0 - Light, Read Magic x2, Touch of Fatigue;
1st - [Contraception], Enlarge Person, Grease, Reduce Person, [Restore Potency]
2nd - Invisibility, Scorching Ray, Blur, Glitterdust, Invisibility Web
3rd - Blink, Dispel Magic x2, Fly x2;
4th - Major Image, Dimension Door, Enervation, Evard`s Black Tentacles, Polymorph, Wall of Ice;
5th - Cloudkill, Summon Monster V, Wall of Force;
6th — Disintegrate, True Seeing;
7th - Reverse Gravity, Summon Monster VII.

Armor: Mithral Chain shirt, Twilight (2,250 gp).
Magic: Ring: Protection +3 (18,000 gp);
Ring: Blinking (27,000 gp); Wondrous:
Amulet of Natural Armor +4 (32,000 gp);
Wondrous: Bracers of Armor +5 (25,000 gp);
Wondrous: Headband of Intellect +4 (16,000 gp);
Wondrous: Ioun Stone, Pink [Rhomboid] (8,000 gp);
Potion: Fly (5) (750 gp);
Rod: Metamagic, Silent (11,000 gp);
Rod: Metamagic, Maximize (54,000 gp);
Rod: Cancellation (11,000 gp).

Familiar Lizard "Lars"

Animal, Lizard, Male Animal, Lizard : CR 1/6;
Tiny Animal ; HD 14d8 ( Animal) ; hp 41;
Init + 2;
Spd 20,Climb 20;
AC 21;
Atk + 5 base melee, + 11 base ranged; +11 ( 1d4-4, Bite );
SQ: Low-light Vision (Ex);
SV Fort + 4, Ref + 6, Will + 9; STR 3, DEX 15, CON 10, INT 12, WIS 11, CHA 2.
Skills: Balance +10, Climb +6, Concentration +18, Diplomacy +3, Hide +10, Listen +3, Spot +3, Swim +0.
Feats: Alertness, Weapon Finesse.