Binder Feats
Defense against the Supernatural +1 insight bonus on saves against supernatural attacks
Empower Supernatural Ability Empower supernatural ability 1/day
Enlarge Supernatural Ability Enlarge supernatural ability 1/day
Expel Vestige Attempt to prematurely expel vestige 1/day
Extend Supernatural Ability Extend supernatural ability 1/day
Favored Vestige +1 binder level with specific Vestige
Favored Vestige Focus +1 DC with favored Vestige abilities
Improved Binding +2 binder level when determining eligible Vestiges
Rapid Pact Making 1/day bind Vestige as a full-round action
Rapid Recovery Reuse abilities of favored Vestige faster
Skilled Pact Making +4 bonus on binding checks
Sudden Ability Focus +2 DC of any supernatural attack 1/day
Widen Supernatural Ability Widen supernatural ability 1/day