Blackmoor Tower

DM: Shelindria

Dahlia - Level 5 Human Paladin
Sentrosi - Level 4 Human Sorcerer
Gauron - Level 3 Wolfen Fighter
Alieena - Level 4 Half Elf Wizard
Tialys - Level 5 Elf Sorcerer

Gargoyle (CR5)
Various devices and traps (CR4)
- Warding Obelisks and Electric Trap
Necromantic Sludge (CR6)
Invisible Stalker (CR7)

XP Awarded
Gauron - 1890
Sentrosi - 1680
Alieena - 1680
Dahlia - 1650 (1550 adventure plus 100 for actions with the book)
Tialys - 1550

Bonus XP 10 points each

Gold Rewarded
3500 gp each

Items rewarded
Gauron - Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Sentrosi - Ring of Protection +1
Tialys - Wand of Scorching ray (25 charges)
Alieena - Wand of Invisibility (25 charges)
Dahlia - Full Plate +1

The party began their adventure gathered in the Arcadia. As they were going about the normal things they were doing, a Halfling dressed in Expensive clothes and jewelry offers the adventurers a chance to gain wealth located in a tower, if they would retrieve a gem for him. With the help of an item the Halfling teleports the group into a swamp where no visible tower stands just a small cave at the other side of the small island they arrived on. Trying to enter proved difficult as some of the party members were repelled by a ward at the entrance. Figuring out the means to get in they entered a large underground chasm with an upside down tower carved out of a huge stalagtite hanging from the ceiling. Upon trying to enter, they encountered a Gargoyle which was quickly dispatched. The first floor of the tower held an opening that lead downward unstead of up. The Second, a barracks and a door way that lead to a Pocket Dimension with an Arena where they encountered some evil black liquid on the floorand another opening leading down to Marble steps and Large double doors where they encountered an unseen attacker. The final room held vast treasure and a book in the center of the room. Unwittingly, the party released a long imprisoned Evil entity that sent them back to the entrance of the cave with just a flick of his wings. Once there they were met by the Halfling and reenterd the tower to collect their treasure.They returned to the city tired and wondering what will come of the creature being freed.