Blobs From Beyond

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Seren Arc, level 3 dragon-blooded human sorcerer
Silk, level 4 catfolk monk
Nerylos, level 5 ranger
Octavi, level 3 druid

2 fiendish gelatinous cubes (intelligent, CR 4 each, CR 6 total)
1 Medium Taint Elemental (CR 5)

Seren and Octavi: 1,125 xp for each
Silk: 1,000 xp
Nerylos: 938 xp


  • 1,350 gp for each
  • 1 chaos gem for each party member - can either Cure Serious Wounds or Cause Serious Wounds, at user's discretion (750 gp).

Corruption Effects:

  • Seren: skin is covered with fine scales, can enlarge mouth like a snake
  • Nerylos: Scales became rough and thick and ridged.
  • Skarl (Nerylos' wolf): Became lizardlike, with scales instead of fur.

Please note that corruption can be removed by a combination of Remove Curse and Remove Disease, paid for by the characters.

Quest Summary:
The party was sent to investigate one of several recent meterostrikes on the planet, this one to the north of Avalon City, in the woody hills there. They discovered a crater with glowing slime trails leading away from it, as well as a path of dark corruption, as something seemed to be tainting the landscape as it passed before the two slimey things. As they decided to track the slime trails, they were attacked by a pair of corrupted gelatinous cubes, tainted by the twisted power of the Other Realm of the kaorti. When they'd defeated the creatures, they discovered strange glowing rocks inside of them, objects from the Other Realm filled with raw and unstable magical energy. The party then chased after the tain elemental that the kaorti had sent to corrupt the area so that they would have a good place to set up a base, and defeated it, delaying the kaorti on that front. However, in the process, the party was exposed to corruption from the madness realm, changing some of them. This was a willing danger that they took.