Bound for Aur

DM Name:

Name, Level, Race, Class
Liadan, 11, Faerie Dragon, Fey Blooded Sorcerer
Eve White, Level 13, Changeling, Wizard/Mage of the Arcane Order
Hussam Arbouqa, Level 11, Human, Wizard Master Specialist of Transmutation
Kara`nydraess Nyatia. lvl 15 gold dragon
Seren Arc, level 13, Dragon-blooded human, Draconic Sorcerer/Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Irthosixen, Mature Adult Red Dragon, CR 18
Drow Assasin, Cr 12, Partial reward for avoiding encounter

Character Name: Experience
Liadan: 7785
Eve White: 4940
Hussam Arbouqa: 7290
Kara`nydraess Nyatia: 2850
Seren Arc: 4940

Character Name: Gold/Items, description/amount
Liadan: 30662 gold
Eve White: 30662 gold
Hussam Arbouqa: 30662 gold
Kara`nydraess Nyatia: 30662 gold
Seren Arc: 30662 gold, Aegis of the Dragon-King, Kosjaurix the cat

Treasure(Subtract this value from gold reward if claimed): Scroll of Freedom(1912.5), boots of tremorsense(2500), Horseshoes of a zephyr(3000), Ci Lyre(9050), Lens of the Desert(10000), Cloak of Battle(11000), Greater Bracers of Archery(12500), Ring of X-Ray Vision(12500), Runestaff of cacophony(13000)

Quest Summary:
Irthosixen, opening a gate to Aur against council regulations, hid the gate well in the dragonrend mountains and used it to commute between Aur and the shatterlands to gather far more loot for his hoard than he would be able to otherwise. Seeking a way to get to Aur Seren learned of the gate and after struggling past the dragon's defenses and making their way to Irthosixen's lair they defeated the dragon and returned his familiar into being an ordinary cat. Outside they were affronted by a black dragon eager to take Irthosixen's hoard for himself and kill the outsiders, but the great gold wyrm Pendragon of all beings came to their defense and the black left without confrontation. They made their way to Crossclaw to await a summons to the Council of wyrms and found the reception they recieved there mixed. A few days in a drow tried sneaking up on the group with obvious ill intent but Kara noticed him from hundreds of feet away and he aborted his attempt when she raised everyones attention to the assasin. After a few more days a young gold dragon arrived to take them to the council where Seren's mother was in the middle of reminding everyone of the state of the Ark and the Forgotten Archipelago and once Seren was presented to the council revealed the truth that he was her son and he was bestowed with the Aegis of the Dragon-King as proof.

XP and Rep Awarded by teh Lisa