The Brandbinders
The Brandbinders are a Lawful Neutral organization that is recognized all over Therafim for maintaining a high standard in its slaving practices. Indeed, the organization has enough staff worldwide to populate a small country. While it is possible to engage in a fair amount of dirty slavery by working with the Shacklelock Guild, decent people prefer the Brandbinders, who collect and maintain information on all the slaves sold through their organization.

Being registered as a slave with the Brandbinders marks one as a slave all over Therafim's surface until one is legally removed from their records. This removal is accomplished most simply by a slave's master paying a minimal registration fee (usually 5 sp) and filling out some basic paperwork. It can also be accomplished in a more complicated fashion by a slave officially buying him- or herself at full price straight from the Brandbinders themselves, and then filling out some much more complicated paperwork. After that, the slave fills out the simpler paperwork and pays the fee required of any master to free a slave, and is removed from the Brandbinder's records. In a world where literacy is at a premium, however, this can be problematic. Alternatively, if a slave can escape from all possible masters, and stay that way for three full years without being recaptured, then the Brandbinders will write the slave out of their books, rendering the slave free. This tends to be a highly difficult and often dangerous proposition, however, and so many slaves never attempt it.

More than just slavers, the Brandbinders act as a central management center for slaving operations all over Therafim. It is most common for them to buy slaves from properly-registered and dues-paying slavetakers who also properly register every slave they take, and then to sell these slaves to slavers in local markets. In this way, while there are a vast number of lesser slaving companies that operate locally, the Brandbinders keep Therafim's slaving community connected worldwide, and also assure that slaves bought and sold are not done so in too flagrant violation of local laws. Because of their power base in Avalon City, slavers are not allowed to attempt to ply their trade officially within the city or any of its environs. In other places, slavers are treated according to the ability and inclination of each government, though most provide some degree of protection from enslavement to their citizens.