Breeding Ground of Evil

DM Name: DarkMask


Fei Yen Wong: Level 3 Human (Offworlder) Warblade
Gregor Serebry: Level 1 Human Marshal
Szintyrr Arakesh: Level 2 Beastfolk (Elapi) Druid
Silarus: Level 1 Half-Elf Cloistered Cleric
Layla Merle: Level 2 Changeling Wizard


1: Kython Broodling, CR 1
2: Kython Broodling, CR 1
3: Kython Broodling, CR 1
4: Kython Broodling, CR 1
5: Kython Broodling, CR 1


Fei Yen Wong: 300 EXP
Gregor Serebry: 300 EXP
Szintyrr Arakesh: 300 EXP
Silarus: 300 EXP
Layla Merle: 300 EXP


Fei Yen Wong: 450 GP
Gregor Serebry: 450 GP
Szintyrr Arakesh: 450 GP
Silarus: 450 GP
Layla Merle: 450 GP

Quest Summary:

Lord Azarel, who requested the Deathwine from a previous expedition, could not help but boast to those he knew about the brave adventurers who fought a demon for his coveted drink. One such who he boasted to was a Scholar of Lore, who realized from the description such a demon sounded like a Hellwarden, a terrible demon who normally steers clear of the Mortal Realm, unless there was trouble. Fearful for what the appearance of a Hellwarden may signify, he requests the aid of several adventurers to gather information from the site of the demon's staying.

From the previous expedition, only Layla was available to attend, but a new party joined her and set out to the location in question, an old and dilapidated farm outside of the city. Once here, they came across the same abandoned barnhouse and dead field as before, but this time on closer inspection, quickly realized that beneath the foundation of the barnhouse was something empty, assumed to be a cellar. Asking for the rest of the party to step back, Szintyrr and Gregor made short work of the floor, breaking it effortlessly, to the point where the formed hole came too quickly and they fell inside, revealing that it was not a cellar, but some sort of cavern beneath the house.

The rest of their party soon joining, they realized that this cavern was filled with torn and shredded eggshells, coated in thickening mucus, but since have been abandoned to whatever creature watched from them. Whatever that creature was soon found them, as five Kython broodlings lept out from the shadows and attacks the explorers, teeth gnashing, eager to turn the wanderers into their next meal. Through valiant effort and teamwork, the band of misfits came together and subdued the strange beasts, leaving one merely passed out, to which Layla claimed herself.

Realizing that pressing forward may be dangerous, they decided to venture back, although climbing out nearly led them into an encounters with more of the strange beasts that threatened them. Once back in the city the scholar politely requested to study the creature Layla had brought back, and promised to contact the adventurers as soon as any new information was available.

Exp awarded by Jennibear