Brieghton Hollow

DM: Shelindria


Remhoraz - Level 3 Conjurer
Aerybeth - Level 2 Paladin
Quel'Saada - Level 1 Healer
Sira - Level 2 Fighter
Zamiera - Level 2 Druid
Sam - Level 1 Cleric

Zombies(2) CR1
Skeletons(4) CR1
Dark cultist CR5
Evil Artifact and Grave Yard Aura CR5

XP Awarded:
1200XP each

Bonus XP
150 XP each

Total XP

Gold Awarded:
1000 gp each


An Elderly Man finds his way to the Adventurers after being brushed aside by some of the Clerics with in Avalon. He was seeking the help of someone who could help him cleanse his village from the undead that had recently started making an appearance. His excitement grew as he found that one of the group was a Paladin. Leading them to the village they find that the village looks deserted and decaying. The Elderly Man Offers a Prayer for the group and sends them into the Graveyard where trouble seemed to be coming from. The undead walked among the graves and attacked the group, but were quickly dispatched. One of the Mausoleums in the Graveyard was partially opened and Chanting emmenated from the open doors, indicating someone was in there. After dispatching the Cultist, the Others made their way out leaving Aerybeth and Sam to seal the Tomb once more locking the evil inside up again. Not sure how or why it was like this, Aerybeth and Sam discovered that the Elderly Man's Prayers were what Kept the evil dormant as long as the Mausoleum were undisturbed. Before they left the village the Elderly Man gave them each a reward of 1000gp each thanking them and saying he would continue to pray fro their safety.